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Training Services NSW provides assistance for all your Australian Apprenticeship and workplace training needs.
- does the paperwork for you to register apprentices and trainees
- assists with securing a training provider
- ensures you get all your financial entitlements
- assists employees with special needs
- provides mentoring and dispute resolution
- authorises and issues certificates of proficiency
Training Services NSW also provides advice and information on a wide range of vocational issues include
- workforce development,
- assistance with training outside the apprenticeship and traineeship system,
- training for supervisors and training organisations,
- skills recognition and
- provision of vocational education and training intelligence to the State Government.
Other services include:
- The Way Ahead for Aboriginal People, a program created and managed by Training Services NSW to provide mentoring and support for Aboriginal apprentices and their employers
- The Continuing Apprentices Placement program, assisting retrenched apprentices back into employment
- The NSW Country Apprentices Scholarships, for rural apprentices suffering financial hardship
- Management of travel concessions, travel and accommodation assistance and car registration rebates for apprentices and some trainees.
Service Locations