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TAFE SWSi is on of Australia's largest training organisations and in 2013 was named both the national and New South Wales Large Training Provider of the Year.
TAFE SWSi encompasses the city of Bankstown through to the city of Campbelltown and reaches out to the city of Parramatta and the semi-rural area of Wollondilly, located south of metropolitan Sydney.
As an award-winning vocationaol education and traing provider, TAFE SWSi provides quality education to one of the fastest growing and most dynamic regions in Australia.
As the largest provider in South Western Sydney, TAFE SWSi is integral to the education, growth and success of students and members of the workforce across our region and beyond. TAFE SWSi has a strong relationship with the local community and meets the needs of industry through innovative partnerships and quality education and training.
Our students are enrolled in a comprehensive range of education and training services - from educational access courses to university degrees and industry specific programs.
The Institute's industry focused training ensures students graduate with practical, job-ready skills.

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