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Smart Employment Solutions was known previously as Group Training Australia Gold Coast and commenced operations in 1986, we are specialists in the recruitment, development and management of entry level staff.
Our core business is in the field of apprentic/trainee supply and management. Smart Employment Solutions is a Group Training and Employment Solutions Specialist. Through our Group Training Operation we employ and coordinate work for apprentices and trainees in industries such as construction, hospitality, automotive, engineering, finance, business and office administration. We have placed over 15000 apprentices and trainees with more than 98% going on to continued employment. We are able to offer positions for full time, part time or school based employees.
We provide businesses with quality solutions to their employment problems. Our ongoing partnership with the businesses that host our employees is the cornerstone of our twenty-eight plus years of success. With a strong commitment to the community we have achieved a number of successes over the years, here are a number of them;
- Our apprentices have won the award for the Master Builders Gold Coast Apprentice of the Year a total of 6 times in the last 12 years.
- In 2005 we won the Gold Coast Master Builders Queensland Apprentice of the Year.
- In 2005 we won Master Builders Australian Apprentice of the Year.
- In 2005, in conjunction with Rotary International, we built demountable housing for shipment to the Solomon Islands and sent our students to coach the local people in the skills to enable them to erect the houses and maintain them. We also donated demountable and extendible houses to Vanuatu to help with their slum housing problem.
- In 2014 we partnered with a charity to employ over 110 disabled and school based trainees into Cert II and Cert III in Warehousing and Distribution.

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