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Service Locations

Skillset is an innovative not-for-profit organisation delivering a range of quality business services throughout NSW and beyond. We have a physical presence in eight locations throughout the Central West, with headquarters in Bathurst NSW at The Flannery Centre. We work with individuals, business, industry and communities to increase their skills, productivity and sustainability through the following core services:

- Apprenticeship Services: Skillset employs over 650 Apprentices and Trainees spanning the entire Western region of NSW, from Lithgow to Broken Hill. We make taking on an Apprentice easy by completing all the paperwork, developing a supervision plan, providing mentoring and guidance throughout the training period, and managing all the payroll and insurance processes.

- Sustainability Services: Skillset saves business money by helping them work smarter. We deliver savings by diverting your industrial waste, advising on more efficient energy use and training builders to construct more sustainable homes.

If you want assistance to find a job as an Apprentice or Trainee, or you are looking to put on an Apprentice or Trainee, get in touch with the Skillset team by visiting our website or dropping into one of our 8 branches across Western NSW or calling 02 6330 1400.

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02 6330 1400

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Service Locations