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People are our business, it's what we do. Since 1985, MRAEL has assisted businesses to build the capacity of their workforce with apprentice and trainee solutions. We enjoy the challenge of providing quality solutions through innovation, inspiration and intelligence.

MRAEL Group ACE Apprenticeships Centre www.aasn.com.au is an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) Provider, contracted by the Australian Government to provide services in Queensland and the Torres Strait Islands. Having been contracted by the Australian Government as an Australian Apprenticeship Centre since 2003, and now an AASN Provider, we have cemented ourselves as a premier provider of apprenticeship and traineeship services.

Our expert staff have significant knowledge and experience to assist individuals and businesses to maximise their potential through Australian Apprenticeship pathways. We pride ourselves on knowing and understanding the local communities in which we operate and are committed to supporting the development of those communities. We employ local staff who understand the unique circumstances of the individuals and employers that they work with.

MRAEL has experienced significant growth over recent years as a result of a proven reputation as an innovative, one solution provider of workforce development services. The continued expansion of the organisation is confirmation that MRAEL is a premier provider in all areas of our business.

Through our continued expansion, MRAEL is striving to contribute to the sustainable development of a skilled workforce for the future by creating additional education, training and employment opportunities to the communities in which we operate.

Speak to us about how we can assist you to maximise your potential through Australian Apprenticeships.

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