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In Focus Careers collates information and channels it to parents, teachers and students so that every school leaver can create their best career path.

After 40 years in education, training and business I now engage my network of experts to help school students to stand on the shoulders of giants as they explore their career horizons.

In Focus Careers seeks to give every student the best chance to merge their interests with their unique abilities to embark on their perfect path.

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Enter the stress free haven where West Australian educators are the world’s best career advisors. Careers teachers don't have the time to keep up with all of the new courses, scholarships, job opportunities and career events. In Focus Careers pulls together information from across the state and around the world and makes it available via the: - In Focus Careers Newsletter, - support for teachers - private counselling, and - blog post rants. Give your students the best chance to succeed in their 21st Century career. Contact In Focus Careers for a complimentary copy of the Insanely Great Newsletter so that you can see what you are missing out on!!



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