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With ten campuses from Chadstone in Melbourne's outer East across the state to Lakes Entrance, Federation Training is a leading provider of vocational education and training in Victoria.
Federation Training is the local TAFE that offers a diverse range of programs and specially designed learning environments, providing students with the opportunity to get hands on and develop real skills and experience in the industry of their choice.
Established May 1, 2014 following the union of Advance TAFE and GippsTAFE, Federation Training aims to create one united education model for Gippsland. This will provide unprecedented opportunities for local students and an exciting learning environment for those seeking a regional educational experience.
Federation Training has a variety of courses from Pre-apprenticeships, Apprenticeships and Traineeships, to Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. You can choose to study courses in Business, Health and Community, General Education or Trades. There's plenty to choose from!

A Federation Training Pre-apprenticeship could be the stepping stone you need to get ahead in the industry you choose. Whether you are looking for an alternative pathway into a trade career or are having trouble securing an apprenticeship, a pre-apprenticeship will prepare you for the work environment in your chosen industry, provide you with introductory skills and knowledge and give you better access to apprentice employment opportunities.
Your pre-apprenticeship may also reduce the length of your apprenticeship training putting you ahead of the pack. If you want to know more about beginning a pre-apprenticeship you can contact the department offering any of the pre-apprenticeship programs listed below or alternatively contact:

Registered Training Organisation


(03) 5127 0277

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