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Directions has over 30 years’ experience providing workforce development solutions to businesses through apprenticeships and traineeships, alongside career development and advice to assist jobseekers to make the best choices.

As a community based registered charity organisation, our focus is on results and on making a difference.

We want to contribute to building WA businesses and ensuring that WA has the skills it needs now and into the future.
We want to help you build a skilled, safe, successful workforce so your business not only survives but thrives.

We do not focus on profits or numbers but on outcomes and relationships. Our services support companies and individuals at all stages of life.

We offer a 'boutique' service and a fresh approach to group training. Small enough to care about the personal touches and big enough to ensure you get all the support, expertise and advice you and your apprentice or trainee needs throughout the term of their training so you both get the most out of the experience.

Any profits we make are reinvested into programs and activities that support our local community.

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Better outcomes for employers and apprentices and trainees. Directions is a registered local charity that operates a range of workforce development services including one of WA’s longest continuously operating not-for-profit apprentice and trainee management services. Directions has over 30 years’ experience. Over that time we have built tried and tested systems meaning we can offer all the expertise and benefits of a larger corporate group training scheme coupled with extensive local knowledge and the sort of flexibility that many cannot. Directions can offer tailored solutions and services to suit your specific needs. We are not about profits; we are about people. Our success comes from helping individuals succeed in becoming highly skilled and motivated tradespeople and employees, and supporting local businesses to thrive.


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