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Here at CTQ the trainers and business owner are builders, and are focused on providing person-centered training. In many of our courses we will collaborate with local providers to ensure greater educational outcomes and employment opportunities are made available. This additional support means students will have access to a wide range of work placement opportunities, ongoing mentors, disability support and cultural sensitivity. We ensure there is a wide range of training experience in the construction sector, and always have an open door policy where students can seek support after graduation.

CTQ offers customised training and can generate educational pathways for employees that promote the objectives and goals of an organisation. We want to help improve the knowledge and compliance of your workforce, and ensure that the educational outcomes match the requirements of your project.

It’s not about what we want to deliver, but more about what the community needs for its prosperity and longevity, ensuring growth, employment and stability. CTQ can tailor qualifications and workshop educational packages that meet the community’s expectations and goals.

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