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Apprenticeship Support Australia, powered by VECCI

Apprenticeships Services, is contracted by the Australian

Government to provide skills development advice and training

solutions to businesses across Australia.

Backed by the Australian chamber movement, we are

committed to building a better Australia by promoting the

participation in, and increasing the completion of, Vocational

Education and Training programs, including apprenticeships and

traineeships under the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network.

Our promise is to help you build and sustain effective and

mutually rewarding working relationships with your workforce.

These services are funded by the Australian Government and

are provided at no cost to your business.

We look forward to providing you with ongoing support and assistance in the form of:

- Updates and reminders when claims fall due so you are paid your eligible incentives

- Ongoing support and direct access to a dedicated Industry

- Training Consultant

- Access to ongoing coaching and mentoring advice

- Invitations to events and webinars

- Access to additional Chamber of Commerce and Industry support services

Apprenticeship Network


1300 363 831

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