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Who we are

AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services (AMA ATS) is a fully owned enterprise of the Australian Medical Association (WA). AMA ATS has delivered a broad and comprehensive range of services to employers, apprentices and stakeholders across all industry sectors in Western Australian since 1998.

AMA ATS has facilitated over 70,000 apprentice and trainee commencements and is able to identify employer skills needs, apprenticeship and traineeship employment opportunities and facilitated access to a variety of financial incentives and benefits.

For more information about our services, or to find out more about the level of financial assistance that may be available to you, please contact AMA ATS on (08) 9273 3042 or 1800 808 568.

What we do

AMA ATS focus in delivering apprentice support services is to reduce the complexity of the system, better support employers and apprentices and increase completion rates.

AMA ATS delivers a range of services which:

- Simplifies the Australian Apprenticeships system by delivering of quality end-to-end advice and support services for apprentices and their employers.

- Improves apprenticeship retention, completion and satisfaction rates through the provision of targeted support to apprentices and employers.

- Provides services to assist individuals to find the right Vocational Education and Training (VET) or employment pathway for them.

In seeking these outcomes, AMA ATS has a unique approach where employers are allocated a dedicated, experienced business consultant who is able to provide customised training solutions specific to business needs.

Western Australia has over 480 training pathways available and AMA ATS can develop strategies that meets the needs of your whole workforce - both existing and new employees.

Please contact AMA ATS on (08) 9273 3042 or 1800 808 568, our service is provided free of charge, and well arrange a time and location that is convenient to you.

Service Locations