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Metallurgy Technician

Metallurgy Technicians work in metallurgy operations and associated quality and testing functions.

Summary of Training

Core Units - 6 required

  • Organise and communicate information
  • Interact with computing technology
  • Apply advanced mathematical techniques in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment
  • Apply mathematical techniques in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment
  • Apply quality standards
  • Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Elective Units - 25 required

  • Perform engineering activities
  • Manage self in the engineering environment
  • Select and test mechanical engineering materials
  • Apply metallurgy principles
  • Select common engineering materials
  • Prepare and examine metallographic samples
  • Monitor and test sands, cores and moulds
  • Evaluate mould design and gating
  • Undertake and interpret results of chemical analysis on metal samples
  • Determine and supervise heat treatment of metal
  • Apply basic chemistry principles to metallurgy
  • Calculate and predict chemical outcomes in metallurgical situations
  • Identify and describe equipment for mineral and chemical processing plants
  • Recommend a refractory for an application
  • Select metal forming process
  • Select metal joining process
  • Monitor blast furnace operations
  • Monitor primary steel making process
  • Recommend ferrous and non ferrous metals or alloys for an application
  • Apply metallurgical principles and techniques in welding and other thermal processes
  • Apply metallurgy principles and practice to determine metal forming and shaping processes
  • Apply metallurgy principles and practice to optimise furnace operation
  • Select surface treatment methods for metallic components or products
  • Determine corrosion prevention strategies for metal and alloys
  • Interpret complex binary phase diagrams

Please note that this Job & Training Description provides an example of the selection of non-core units. Alternative combinations of units may be selected and in some cases prerequisite units may need to be completed. For advice contact Apprenticeship Network providers or an approved Registered Training Organisation.

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Metallurgy Technician - MSA60108
Full Time

(Nominal Duration)

48 mths 12 mths
Part Time
Commencements 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Classification T T *
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A = identified by the State or Territory as an Apprenticeship

T = identified by the State or Territory as a Traineeship

* = An approved qualification in Tasmania is available as an Apprenticeship/Traineeship.

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Nominal durations listed are for full time occupations, stated in months. In some cases nominal durations provided may not include the completion of pre-requisites. This data is sourced from State and Territory Training Authorities and is provided for information only and must be confirmed with these authorities.


Commencement data source: National Apprentices and Trainees collection, VOCSTATS, extracted 28/06/2018, rounded estimates for the 2017 calendar year. This data is for general information purposes only.

Australian School-based Apprenticeships (ASbA)

This information generally reflects availability of ASbAs that may contribute to study scores. In some cases full-time or part-time ASbAs allow an individual to start training in a qualification that can be completed after they leave secondary school. Please note that applicable industrial arrangements must allow for ASbAs. Visit our Australian School-based Apprenticeships page for more detailed information.

ANZSCO Classification: 224712

Note: This is an indicative Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) classification for this occupation, provided as a guide only. Apprenticeship Network providers should refer to DET guidelines regarding ANZSCO codes.

Traning Package Rules Summary

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