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Group Training Organisations for Job Hunters

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) employ Australian Apprentices across a range of different industries. The GTO is the direct employer of the apprentice or trainee, but they 'host' them out to a 'host employer' for their work. This means that the apprentice or trainee is employed by the GTO, but goes to the host employer for their day-to-day job.

As the GTO is the employer of the apprentice or trainee, they recruit and support the apprentice or trainee throughout the whole Australian Apprenticeship. The GTO also takes on the contractual and administrative responsibilities as the employer of the Australian Apprentice. GTOs are experts in hiring apprentices and trainees, and are regulated by governments to make sure they are doing the right things.

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Why use a Group Training Organisation?

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) provide additional support for job hunters, and apprentices and trainees. GTOs often have a list of apprenticeship or traineeship jobs ready to go. When you register with a GTO they might have a job waiting for you, making your job search easier.

After going through the initial recruitment process with the GTO, they will help you prepare to meet the host employer for the first time. The GTO will provide any pre-employment testing that is needed, and any pre-employment training, including Workplace Health & Safety. They will also provide the basic personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for the role.

The GTO will make sure that your workplace is safe, by doing a pre-placement safety audit of the host employer. This means that both the host employer and GTO are satisfied you are going to work in a safe environment.

After you start your apprenticeship or traineeship, the GTO will assign you a Field Officer. This person will be your contact point if anything goes wrong, or you need someone to talk with about your apprenticeship or traineeship. They will also monitor your training and work.

You will be visited in the workplace to make sure that everything is going smoothly with you and your host employer. This includes checking up on how you are progressing through your apprenticeship, and making sure the employer has enough work for you.

If you wish to move or your employer does not have enough work, the GTO will attempt to find an alternative host employer.

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How it works

Step 1: Register

Register with your local Group Training Organisation. You can find a list of Group Training Organisations that can be filtered for your state or territory on our Service Provider Search.

Step 2: Identify vacancy

You will have an initial interview process and either be placed into an apprenticeship or traineeship or be registered for the next position matching your skills.

Step 3: Final steps

After all the training is successfully completed and your host employer is happy with your work, you transition from an apprentice or trainee to a skilled worker and can either stay with your host in a new role or move onto the next stage of your career.

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