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Job Hunting Tips

Looking for an Australian Apprenticeship is the same as searching for any job

Job hunting, whether for apprenticeships and traineeships or any other job, uses the same steps. There is no one place listing apprenticeship and traineeship jobs.

Australian Apprenticeships start with an employer deciding to recuit staff using the specific approach to employing and training employees.

If an employer is looking for new staff they often advertise online or in local or major newspapers.

But another avenue to employers can be to approach them directly.  Tools such as search engines or directories such as the Yellow Pages can provide ways of identifying employers by industry and location. This information can be used to develop a list of employers that may employ specific occupations or skills. 

Using personal networks can also be an effective way of finding employers, as well as getting in contact with organisations that regularly interact with employers.  These include Apprenticeship Network providers, Group Training Organisations and Registered Training Organisations.

These methods of 'hunting' for employers demonstrate motivation and determination, as well as having the potential to by-pass queues of applicants for advertised positions. 

The first step should always be identifying the industry or occupation of most interest and making this the target of job hunting efforts.

Where do you start?

Where do you start?

Researching industries and getting to know occupations is the best way for job hunters to focus their efforts and be more certain that a direction is right for them.

This applies whether job hunters are looking for their first job or changing careers.

Research Industries
Targeting Employers

Targeting Employers

There are many ways to find job opportunities. Approaching employers directly can be an effective way of creating options.

This is a positive and active way to hunt for jobs. Read about the strategies that can help make this approach a success.

Read more about job hunting in our 'Step by Step' guide.

Steps to Employment

Australian Apprenticeship Job Hunting

What do you need in your applications?

What do you need in your applications?

Resumes, cover letters, interview techniques. It’s the first impression that can make the difference.

When applying for an apprenticeship or traineeship are there any differences in the process and how to improve chances.

The application and interview