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Steps to an Australian Apprenticeship

An overview from career research through to sign-up.

What are the steps?

Searching and applying for an Australian Apprenticeship is very much like hunting for any job. An employer has to create a vacancy and decide to use Australian Apprenticeships as a way to employ and train their staff.

The following steps will explain the process of getting an apprenticeship or traineeship, from the research stage to when the training begins.

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Step One - Research

Start your Australian Apprenticeship career research by exploring potential career options, the industries that best suit you, and resources to help identify your interests.

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Step Two - Preparation

Understand the benefits of doing an apprenticeship or traineeship, including potential financial incentives, wages, costs of training and job prospects.

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Step Three - Job Hunting

There are many ways to find an apprenticeship or traineeship job. In this section you will find tips and links to help job hunt using a variety of approaches.

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Step Four - Sign up

Every Australian Apprentice must be signed up into a formal training contract as soon as they are employed. Learn what is involved in a sign up and who to contact to get one organised.