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Steps to an Australian Apprenticeship

An overview of the steps to starting an apprenticeship starting from career research through to sign-up.

Searching and applying for an Australian Apprenticeship is very much like hunting for any job. An employer has to create a vacancy and decide to use Australian Apprenticeships as a way to employ and train their staff.

The Australian Apprenticeship Readiness Quiz can help you understand how ready you are for an apprenticeship or traineeship. You can do it multiple times throughout your career research and job hunting to check how you are going with your preparation. 

The following steps will explain the process of getting an apprenticeship or traineeship, from the research stage to when the training begins. Click on each of the steps to find out more about what is involved in each stage.

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Step One - Research

Start your Australian Apprenticeship career research by exploring potential career options, the industries that best suit you, and resources to help identify your interests.

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Step Two - Preparation

Understand the benefits of doing an apprenticeship or traineeship, including potential financial incentives, wages, costs of training and job prospects.

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Step Three - Job Hunting

There are many ways to find an apprenticeship or traineeship job. In this section you will find tips and links to help job hunt using a variety of approaches.

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Step Four - Sign Up

Every Australian Apprentice must be signed up into a formal training contract as soon as they are employed. Learn what is involved in a sign up and who to contact to get one organised.

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