Jobs and Skills Councils

Information and links to the Jobs and Skills Councils, and the Training Packages and projects they are responsible for.

Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) are being established by the Australian Government, commencing work from January 2023. The JSCs are responsible for:

  • Workforce research, to identify skills and workforce needs for their industry
  • Career pathways mapping between and across education sectors
  • Training product development for their industry
  • Supporting collaboration between their industries and training providers
  • Acting as a source of information and intelligence on issues within their industry.

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations lists the successful JSCs as:

  • Agribusiness - a new entity, Skills Insight, has been established, which will work with stakeholders to improve skills and training across the agribusiness, fibre and furnishings industries. Through this stakeholder engagement a workforce plan will be constructed, developing strategies and advice which provides industry stakeholders with an informed voice. They will work with stakeholders to understand diversity, challenges, and deliver solutions to better support Australia’s skills system.
  • Arts, Personal Services, Retail, Tourism and Hospitality - a new entity, SkillsEQuipped, has been established and will collaborate with a range of stakeholders to provide a strategic voice in shaping the skills of the future. We will develop innovative solutions to respond to current and emerging workforce and skills needs as identified by our sectors: Retail, Personal Services, Hospitality, Tourism & Arts.
  • Energy, Gas and Renewables - a new entity, Powering Skills Organisation has been established to identify skills and workforce needs for the Energy sectors (including gas, renewable energy and electricity generation and distribution). They will support collaboration between stakeholders and map career pathways across education sectors. They will act as a source of intelligence and drive change to empower skills for a sustainable future.
  • Finance, Technology and Business – a new entity has been established by the Future Skills Organisation which will collaborate with stakeholders to ensure there are opportunities for everyone to access the skills needed. We will define the skills employers need, support the training sector to ensure training meets industry needs, and work towards solving the shortage of digital skills. To achieve this we welcome input from all our stakeholders and broad community.
  • Manufacturing – a new entity, Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance, has been established, which is industry owned and led, and will identify strategic priorities that support the development of a skilled workforce for modern manufacturing. They will work with stakeholders that include; employers, unions, educators, learners and governments. The sectors involved under this alliance are; Aerospace, Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Print and Graphic Arts, Recreational Vehicles, general manufacturing and engineering, and emerging industries; Defence, MedTech and Space. The support services that are under their remit are; Sustainability, Laboratory Operations, and Lean Manufacturing.
  • Mining and Automotive - a new entity has been established called the Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance which will partner with industry, governments, educators, and the workforce to support and transform vocational education and training (VET) delivery. They will address workforce shortages and be responsive to changing technologies within the mining and automotive industries, including mineral exploration and extraction operations, and driverless automotive technologies.
  • Transport and Logistics – a new entity, Industry Skills Australia, has been established which will work collaboratively with industry, unions, government and other key stakeholders to identify current and emerging skills and workforce development needs, in the transport and logistics industry sectors, including space transport and omnichannel distribution. A skilled workforce through vocational education and training (VET) provides work ready skills, upskilling and the opportunity to move across careers.
  • Public Safety and Government - Public Skills Australia  has been established and will provide the industry voice for Police, Fire, Defence, Corrections and Government.
  • Early Educators, Health and Human Services - a new entity, HumanAbility, has been established and will partner with industry stakeholders in a strategic approach to skills development and jobs, and be responsive to industry needs while taking the lead in workforce development initiatives. We will work with industry leaders, education providers, small and regional providers and students in the areas of Children’s Education & Care, Health & Human Services, Aged Care & Disability Support and Sport & Recreation.
  • Building, Construction and Property – a new entity, BuildSkills Australia has been established and is now operational.


Previous training product development arrangements

Ending in 2022, training product development was conducted by Skills Service Organisations (SSOs) which were independent, professional organisations that supported Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) in their work developing and reviewing training packages.

Links to the former SSOs are given below. Transition arrangements are in place for transfer of this work to the JSCs.

For more information about Training Packages, see the National Register of VET

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