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Partners Program

A program for partnering with AATIS for priority apprenticeships content, videos, events and networking

What is the AATIS Partners Program?

AATIS continues to invest in tools, resources and programs that empower our stakeholders to provide quality services in the Australian apprenticeships and traineeships space. As a part of this, we are launching the partners program, which is an initiative to help you connect with us and the wider apprenticeships community, and utilise and gain priority access to our resources and services.


Watch a quick overview of the AATIS Partners Program

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What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

This program will enhance our partners to access quality and timely information and resources, and empower us to mutually endorse services. We are keen for our partners to leverage our reach and exposure to share their message, including via the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways (AAPathways) website, MyGain channels, Pre-apprenticeship Finder, and information services.

Some key benefits of becoming an AATIS partner include:

  • Custom starter pack (if selected during registration)
  • Exclusive access to partner events
  • Exclusive access to the partners virtual networking hub
  • Pre-release access to new resources and media releases
  • Collaborative opportunities for research, webinars, and projects
  • Priority access for:
    • Recording of MyGain videos and podcasts
    • AATIS on-demand PD sessions
    • Free marketing materials, including pre-ordering new resources
    • Blog posts showcasing good-news stories and interesting initiatives
    • Assistance with AAPathways account access and Pre-apprenticeship Finder
    • Requests for content produced by AATIS staff
    • Photo sessions with apprentice, trainees and employers for use in print, on website and social media

Partners will also be able to leverage AATIS’ reach and engagement via our websites and social media channels through promotion of the Partners Program.

Do you want to leverage some other aspect of AATIS’ work? Get in touch to discuss your ideas! Email marketing@aatis.com.au

Who can become a partner?

AATIS invites organisations working across the Australian Apprenticeships space to become a partner. This includes:

  • Australian Apprenticeship Network providers
  • Group Training Organisations
  • Registered Training Organisations
  • Skill Service Organisations and Skills Organisations
  • Industry Organisations
  • State Training Authorities
  • State and Federal Government Departments
  • Employment Service Providers
  • Schools
  • Peak bodies working in related areas

If you are unsure about whether this program is for you, please get in touch with us at partners@aatis.com.au.

Individual membership

If you are an individual who wishes to participate without your organisation signing up, you can still apply to partner with us! Some of the benefits may not apply for individual members. You can contact us if you wish to discuss which elements would not apply for your situation.

Is there a cost attached to the program?

No, membership is free. There are no costs attached to the program or activities within the program.

How do I get started?

Register your interest by completing the AATIS Partners Program registration form, and nominating the individuals who will participate on behalf of your organisation.

We will send a starter pack with all the relevant information to help you get started. If you are unable to receive the starter pack, which contains several small gifts, you will be able to access a virtual copy of the key material.

Please ensure you have approval from your organisation before signing up; alternately, you can join as an individual partner.

Nominated representatives will receive an invitation to participate in the virtual networking hub, which will help connect individuals from across the Australian Apprenticeships community. We aim to have a small and engaged group of participants who are able to reach out to one another for any support, queries, and project discussions.

Register to the Partners Program

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How do I schedule an activity with AATIS?

One of the benefits of joining the AATIS Partners Program is priority access to a range of activities and events. 

Register your interest in participating in activities via the registration form, and contact AATIS at partner@aatis.com.au or via the virtual networking hub to organise MyGain video shoots or podcasts, photo shoots, PD sessions, blog posts, AATIS produced content, account support, and marketing materials.