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Why consider a Mature Age Apprenticeship?

Why consider a Mature Age Apprenticeship?

According to a study by The Foundation of Young Australians, current job seekers will change career paths approximately seven times throught their lives. More than ever before people have the opportunity to explore different options and career paths that they otherwise wouldn’t have considered.

And one of those key pathways is an Australian Apprenticeship.

It is generally perceived that apprenticeships are for school leavers or those that don’t wish to attend university but this is simply not the case. As a mature age apprentice (21 and over), there are many long-term benefits that you might not be aware of which outweigh the short-term disruption.

What are the benefits?

For example, as a mature age apprentice, you may be entitled to more base pay than a standard apprentice, this means that you are not having the struggle of earning the bare minimum that often school leavers face. For determination of pay, it would be best to consult https://www.fairwork.gov.au/ .

You might also be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), meaning you can shorten the length of your qualification if you have had relevant training prior to your commencement. This will allow you to accelerate the completion of your qualification, and get you on a fully qualified salary earlier. 

Another benefit which often is recognised is finding an employer. Many school, especially those hoping to get into common trades, struggle  to stand out against the crowd and find an employer. As a mature age apprentice, many employers like the idea of taking on and training someone with a bit of life experience behind the, and the maturity that comes with that. It is commonly accepted that mature aged Apprentices can be more efficient, dedicated and personable employees for their business. In fact, many employers believe that this outweighs the short-term cost of paying a higher rate than a school leaver.

There’s help available

Every state in Australia has a contracted Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider which aims to provide the general public with assistance around Apprenticeships and Traineeships. There services are free and government funded so they are always an easy way to find out what apprenticeship could be right for you.

Not sure which AASN provider to contact?

At AATIS, we simplify the search process via our Service Provider Search function on our Australian Apprenticeship Pathways website. Simply visit https://www.aapathways.com.au/job-hunting/service-provider-search?tab-test1=0 and select your state for a filtered result that is tailored for you.

Hear from a mature age Apprentice

At our MyGain YouTube channel you can hear from a range of apprentices and trainees that dive into their journey in a new career. Apprentice Elle is mature age apprentice, taking the plunge for commercial cookery into dental assistant and is excelling in her role.



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