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Record My Hours - The Fair Work Ombudsman

The Record My Hours app is an initiative of the FairWork Ombudsman. It helps record your shifts at work, add rosters to a calendar, and get notifications about your upcoming shifts. Over the last few weeks we have trialled the app at AATIS and have found it to be highly accurate in recording our work hours. It automatically detects when you enter and exit your workplace, and creates an automatic record of your time at work from this.

Although you can alter your start, finish and break times, this automatic time at work is still recorded and can be used as evidence if you have a workplace issue. Unfortunately, if you don’t work in a single location or spend time away from your workplace the app may not record this automatically so you would still need to keep your own record.

Have a look in the App Store or on Google Play to download the app, and look on the FairWork website for more information.


Download and print the document here

Download here