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PwC’s Skills for Australia Business Services (BSB) projects 2018

PwC’s Skills for Australia is a Skills Service Organisation that are seeking input from interested parties from the business industry who are passionate about improving Vocational Education and Training; and would like to provide feedback around industry trends, skills needs and training priorities for these projects.

The new projects will focus on:

Technical Skills

  • The Business Services Industry Reference Committee (IRC) has determined that there are several professionalised areas within Business Services Training Package (BSB) that require a high degree of technical expertise. It was proposed that these areas should be reviewed separately from enterprise skills. The purpose of this project is to ‘deep-dive’ into each technical profession and determine skills and trends impacting these areas. These training products are directly linked to job occupations.

Enterprise Skills

  • The Business Services IRC has identified that the BSB Training Package is home to many generic employability skills. The entire Training Package (minus ‘Technical Skills’) will be evaluated at the unit level upwards. The IRC has observed that there is significant duplication and obsolescence that will also be addressed.

Business Services (BSB) projects of focus for 2018 and beyond

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