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Latest Newsletter Poll Results

October Poll Results

October Poll Results

The Poll:

"Does weather impact commencement rates?"

75% of respondents think that weather does affect commencement while 25% says "no".

According to, weather does affect productivity, motivation and focus.

Here's a snapshot of how weather affects us:

- Cloudy Weather Reduces Motivation
- Rain Means Nap Time
- Cold Weather Increases Productivity
- Heat Slows You Down

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September Poll Results

September Poll Results

The Poll:

"Do you think there is an Australian Apprenticeship Crisis?"

75% of respondents said "Yes", there is an Australian Apprenticeship Crisis while 25% remain unsure with the answered response of "Don't Know".

According to the Mitchell Institute, there is no apprenticeship crisis. Apprenticeship and Traineeship commencements have remained stable and some areas have grown. It is apparent that there is a decline in certain industries more due to the decline of that entire industry. For example, Automotive Manufacturing. Read more about it by clicking the button below.

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August Poll Results

August Poll Results

The Poll:

"If you were looking for a career change, which would you choose?"

Based on 4 multiple choice questions, resulted in

55% of respondents choosing Funeral Director and
15% choosing Hairdresser, Plumber & Electrician equally.

Funeral Director Field Officer Brief

Looks like the obvious answer was the most popular!

Take a look over the Field Officer Briefs for more information relating to these particular Job and Training descriptions!

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