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Kick start a career at school!

Now that the school year has kicked off students may be considering their study pathways including starting a school based apprenticeship. An Australian school-based apprenticeship allows the student to combine study towards their high school certificate with a vocational qualification, and paid on-the-job training.

There are many benefits for students when undertaking a school based apprenticeship including:
•    A hands-on learning experience
•    Earning a wage while undertaking training
•    Gaining an understanding of workplaces and employer expectations
•    Kick starting a career while still at school

The study effort builds toward a formal, nationally recognised qualification in a field relevant to their career path.

School based apprenticeships can be done in a range of areas. In 2015 the top qualifications were in retail, hospitality, and early childhood education and care. The graph below shows the 10 most popular school based apprenticeships from 2015.

Figure: Top 10 qualifications for Australian school based apprenticeships, 2015, by number of students

Top 10 Australian school-based apprenticeships by number of students in 2015
Source: National Apprentice and Trainee Collection, unpublished, 2015

Career advisers and others providing information to students and job hunters can find Australian School-based Apprenticeships information and resources Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website (

This includes, state-based availability data (see: eligibility information) and a ‘Pathways to an Australian School-based Apprenticeship’ flowchart (go to Self-help).

Or call us at the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service on 1800 338 022.

Download and print the document here

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