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Helpful websites for Career Advisers and Parents

The internet has become such a huge part of our lives, we now turn to the net for information on any and every subject. Careers information is no different. There are hundreds of websites with information about everything, from education and employment pathways to careers advice, and detailing personal experiences.

Amongst this maze of information it can be difficult to sift out the good quality information needed to inform career decisions. We are here to help! Below we have compiled some of the best websites for careers information, with a description of how you can use the information on them.

It is important to remember that even the best careers information can't replace careers advice. Young people need help understanding information, their strengths and weaknesses, and the range of options available to them.

General career websites to use with young people

There are many general careers websites that can be used by students and job seekers, their advisers and parents. Use general careers website to find a broad range of information about the options available for education, employment, and career development.

Parents and career advisers can use these websites to understand options they can present to students and job seekers. You can use the information to suggest possible alternatives or other activities the young person may want to consider. The General Careers Websites listed below are also all appropriate for students and job seekers to use themselves.

Further education options

There are a large and confusing number of education pathways available to school leavers and adult students. It is important to consider all the possible pathways through education. This includes Australian Apprenticeships, vocational education and training, university. It is also important to think about government financial assistance. Future students can use these websites to find information on their options. Parents and career advisers can use them to gain insight into all further education pathways.

The Further education websites below are each focused on one main type of pathway. They also have information and resources relevant to future students regardless of which path they take.

Labour market and job search information

Understanding the labour market is important when making decisions about future occupations. Australia has many industries that are growing, some that are stable, and others that are decreasing. Unemployment varies across regions, so knowing how industries are trending in different areas can inform choices about what local jobs might be.

Job search sites will often include information about the labour market and job opportunities, as well as careers advice. Seek, Career One and Indeed are more than just job listing sites. Take a look at the range of information and resources available on these sites.

The Labour market information and Job search sites provide valuable information on growth industries and occupations.

Using social media

Social media sites have lots of information about a range of topics, and this includes careers information! There is information for people at any stage of their career, and for career advisers and parents. Like or follow companies that provide careers information to stay updated about trends in their areas, and share information with students or job seekers. Make the most of #hashtags to search for specific information, such as #apprenticeships or #careers.

It is also important to remember that a social media presence is also your brand. If you don't want teachers and trainers, or potential employers to see something, make sure it is private. Even better, promote yourself and your career by creating a LinkedIn profile, and documenting your successes on Instagram and Facebook.

The Social media sites below can be used to follow careers information providers.

There are a huge number of websites with careers information and advice. Many sites are useful for students and job seekers, but also have important information for parents and career advisers.

General careers websites are a great first step to look at the range of options available and to get a background about careers. Further education sites will help school leavers and adults decide what type of education is for them. Labour market and job information is vital to understand what jobs exist and where the growth industries are.

Social media is a great way to keep updated with changes in the career landscape. You can share information with students and job seekers, friends and colleagues.