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Finding My Career Interest

Career evaluation is constant and unending especially for people who are considering their next career step. Career choices can be difficult as there are so many options out there. It can be easier if you know which Work Types you prefer and what career options they lead to. These Work Types are identified through a Career Interest Explorer, co-created in consultation with Australian Centre for Career Education and focus on apprenticeship and traineeship career pathways. There are seven Work Types in total which can lead to different industries and occupations. While it may be easy to choose the best known occupation in a Work Type, it may not be the best option for you.

Realistically, an occupation can be linked to many Work Types, but focusing on your primary Work Type can help narrow down the industries or occupations that may interest you. Below are the seven Work Types that are linked to apprenticeship or traineeship occupations. There may be some occupations that you may not have even thought could be done as an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Please note that some apprenticeships and traineeships may not be available in your state and territory. Use the Work Type Explorer with your selected state or territory to view all approved Australian Apprenticeships.

Analytic & Scientific

If you like working out solutions to problems through theories and ideas, and by investigation and experimentation, then this may be a career direction to consider.

The most popular Analytic and Scientific occupation is a General Electrician.
Other Analytic & Scientific occupations you may not have considered are:

  • Wireless Network Technician
  • Locksmith
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Mechanical)
  • Assistant Hydrographer
  • Pathology Laboratory Assistant
Calculator on a book which is Analytical and Scientific

Creative & Artistic

People in this area often have an appreciation of design, style, form and beauty
who like to express themselves and their ideas through their work, often using their imagination and flair for communication or presentation.

The most popular Creative & Artistic occupation is a Hairdresser.
Other Creative & Artistic occupations you may not have considered are:

  • Painter and Decorator
  • Florist
  • Sign Writer
  • Jewelry Tradesperson
  • Upholsterer
lollipops sprinkled with glitter showing creativity and art

Helping & Advising

Careers in this area involve informing or helping people, often through advising, teaching, guiding or treating them. These industries revolve around people so you’ll need to have an interest in their welfare, and an understanding and concern for others.

The most popular Helping & Advising occupation would be an Aged Care Worker. Other Helping & Advising occupations you may not have considered are:

  • Childhood Educator Assistant
  • Disability Services Worker
  • Senior Pharmacy Assistant
  • Travel Consultant
  • Dental Assistant
Carer holding a child's hand showing a helping and advising nature

Nature & Recreation

If you like the natural environment and the physical world these industries could interest you. Many occupations involve working outdoors and are active and physical.

The most popular Nature & Recreation occupation would be a Landscape Gardener. Other Nature & Recreation occupations you may not have considered are:

  • Assistant Dairy Farmhand
  • Climbing Arborist
  • Beekeeper
  • Trackrider
  • Vegetable Grower
A peaceful garden park in tune with nature and recreation.

Organising & Clerical

People in these roles enjoy working with detail and data. You will be gathering
facts and figures, and recording and interpreting them to keep a business moving. This may be part of a customer service, or helping to administer a company’s policies, activities, reports or accounts.

The most popular Organising & Clerical occupation is a Receptionist. Other Organising & Clerical occupations you may not have considered are:

  • Warehouse Operator
  • Contracts Officer
  • Bank Customer Service Assistant
  • Library Officer
  • Postal Officer
A organised desk for a person who is organisational and clerical.

Persuading & Service

People working in these industries like selling, or promoting ideas or a point of view. You need to have good communication skills, enjoy customer service and interactions involving influence, motivation or negotiation. 

The most popular Persuading & Service occupation is a Sales Consultant. Other Persuading & Service occupations you may not have considered are:

  • Butcher
  • Vehicle Salesperson
  • Real Estate Consultant
  • Museum Attendant
  • WorkCover Inspector
A woman buying necklaces from a flea market by the persuasive service of a salesperson.

Practical & Manual

For people who like working a lot with tools and equipment, and their hands to make things. Jobs can be physical and involve installation and maintenance tasks.

The most popular Practical & Manual occupation is a Carpenter. Other Practical & Manual occupations you may not have considered are:

  • Welder
  • Heavy Freight Driver
  • Civil Construction Plant Operator
  • Border Protection Officer
  • Freight Train Driver
A person cutting metal bars with sparks flying everywhere. This is a practical and manual task.

Researching your career options can be mentally draining, especially if you don't know what you want to do. While it may be challenging to find the "right" career, it does not need to be difficult. By really understanding your Work Types you can start understanding your career interests and exploring the multitude of apprenticeship and traineeship career pathways that suits you.

Your Next Steps

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Find Your Work Type

Use the Career Interest Explorer to answer work type related questions to test the strength of your interests. This quiz will take 5 to 10 minutes.

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Explore Your Work Type

Already know your chosen Work Type? Check out all the occupations related to your interest and Work Type. You may come across occupations that you would have never thought about.

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Research Your Industry

There are many other ways to explore an occupation. One of them would be by taking a look at the overarching industry your occupation sits in for facts, stats and more.

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Start a Practice Aptitude Quiz

Test yourself with a Practice Aptitude Quiz to get an idea of the literacy and numeracy skills required in the industry you are interested in.