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Changes in sight for 2020

On Friday 15th November the Australian Government announced the 2020 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers to commence on 1st February. After a heavily anticipated decision-making process the Hon Michaelia Cash released a statement identifying the seven providers that will deliver the service across ten regions.

The latest changes will affect stakeholders differently depending if you are an apprentice, employer or work in the industry. Among the changes are updates to the incentives scheme

Implications for Apprentices and Employers

Consistent with previous years, apprentices and trainees have the right to exercise their freedom in selecting or changing the AASN provider so long the selected provider holds the contract in their relevant state. If your AASN provider is no longer delivering the service in your state, please refer to out FAQs below for further guidance.

For employers, there have been changes to the incentives program to address skills shortages. To find out how the updates affect you, please contact your AASN provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s changed?

  • Nation-wide we have gone from 11 to 7 AASN
  • The state that has been impacted the most is ACT (because they have lost 2 of the 3)
  • NSW and NT will experience no changes

When do the changes come into effect?

February 1st 2020

How does this impact Apprentices?

My current AASN has not been continued, what does this mean?

You will be transferred to a new provider

Can you pick your own provider?

Unlikely, although the Department hasn’t yet released any information. If anyone is able to choose it would be the employer. Previously apprentices and trainees were allocated a new provider. The benefit of that would mean that services shouldn’t be impacted.

My current AASN has been continued, what does this mean?

If your current AASN provider has continued then nothing should change. However, you might be interested to know that changes are occurring the VET sector as the Federal Government aims to streamline the Apprenticeship process.

Will this change anything about my work?

No. The role of an AASN is to deliver free support to apprentices, trainees and employers throughout the life of an Australian Apprenticeship.

Their services include:

  • providing information on apprenticeships and traineeships suitable for a workplace
  • conducting an induction with the employer and apprentice or trainee
  • administration of the lodging and updating of the training contract
  • managing the eligibility, submission and progress of potential allowances, loans and incentives
  • providing information and support about relevant training providers
  • providing support through mentoring.

Do I have to use an AASN?

Yes, Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers must be used by an employer when taking on an apprentice or trainee.

Can I change my AASN if I am not happy with them?

Yes, but generally this decision would be made by the employer. However, if there is a problem with the AASN (from the apprentice’s perspective) they can also contact their State/Territory Training Authority for assistance.

How does this impact Employers?

How will this affect my incentives?

There will be new, streamlined incentives that the AASNs will be delivering (speak with your AASN provider for details). Employers will still get their incentives, but this may be administered through a new provider.

Why do I have to change AASNs?

The only reason you will have to change your AASN provider is if the current provider is not continuing to deliver the service in your region. In which case you will be switched to a new provider in a seamless manner. If you are then not content with the allocated provider, you can proceed to source another.

Do I have to use an AASN?

Yes, Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers must be used by an employer when taking on an apprentice or trainee.

How do I know which AASN to pick?

As there is only one provider in ACT and NT, all signups will be directed to the allocated provider. In all other states there are multiple options and so it is best to do your research and select the provider that is most suited for the employer.