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Four Tips On Getting Your Ideal Career

Getting the career of your dreams may be one of your greatest achievements! It marks a day of fresh beginnings and endless possibilities! But, there are so many careers out there to choose from and it is near impossible to get what you want, when you want. Follow these 4 steps to guide you through your career hunting process!

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1. First Steps

When looking for careers, you may have some idea of what occupation or job you would like.

3 points to remember when searching for your dream career

  • Explore different options of career such as other industries or occupations
  • Look at both new and familiar jobs
  • Make a shortlist of the careers you might be interested in

2. Review and Refine your list of Careers

Each career you are interested in has pros and cons. Some may be easier or hard to get, some have higher or lower pay or some may need you to start from the very bottom!

Too many choices can lead to a spontaneous decision that could be the wrong, so review and refine your list by getting a second opinion!

Consult your family and friends! They would definitely have something to say about the careers you are interested in. Take in their opinions, weigh up your options and really ask yourself, “does that make sense?”. They can help you shortlist your shortlist.

3. Further research

A career is more than a job, it is part of your life-long learning! Take a look at Youth Central’s Advice for life. It can teach you about finance, health, housing and more!

Arm yourself with information about the career that you are going to look at. You can’t just take the everyone’s word for it! It would also give you some ammunition to impress your interviewer.

By now, you’d probably have 3-5 careers you’d really love to pursue. Before applying to some jobs, make sure you go on Job Outlook for labour market information and Seek’s career advice page for more on company research.

4. Ready, set, GO!

Career searching is more than just looking for a job. You might be motivated by emotion and inspiration. Change your mindset to be from “dream job” to “dream career”! Instead of dreaming of becoming a professor, dream about working in the education department. It’s best to look at all options and pathways.

Online sites such as myfuture.com.au, aapathways.com.au and careerone.com.au are the perfect places to start looking for careers information.

After using step 1, 2 and 3 to gather career information, take it to a career adviser or career professional at your school, TAFE, university or even employer to discuss all your options!

Be informed and take it easy

Starting a career is a big investment. The worst thing that could happen would be to choose a 'lemon' career. The simple steps above should educate you to make the decision you’re willing to accept. You may have to start with an entry level job or an apprenticeship or traineeship but that does not mean you won’t be able to be a business owner or CEO in the future!

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