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4 Tips On Getting Your Car!

Getting your first car is a great achievement! It marks a day of independence and self-reliance! But, there are so many cars out there to choose from and it is near impossible to get what you want, when you want. Follow these 4 steps to guide you through your car hunting process!

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1. First Steps

When looking for cars, you may have some idea of what make and model you would like.

3 points to remember when searching for your dream car:

  • Explore different makes and models
  • Look at both new and used cars
  • Make a shortlist of the cars you might be interested in


2. Review and refine your list of cars

Each car you are interested in has pros and cons. Some may be cheaper, some are hard to find, some have leather seats, some have a turbo-charged engine and some may even come with a busted radiator!

Too many choices can lead to a spontaneous decision that could be wrong, so review and refine your list by getting a second opinion!

Consult your family and friends! They would definitely have something to say about the cars you are interested in. Take in their opinions, weigh up your options and really ask yourself, “does that make sense?" They can help you shortlist your shortlist.

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3. Further research!

If you’d want to be extra careful and are really set on the car, take a look at carfacts.com.au. It can tell you about finance owing, written off status, odometer checks and more!

Arm yourself with information about the car that you are going to look at. You can’t just take the sellers word for it! It would also give you some ammunition to negotiate a better deal.

By now, you’d probably have 3-5 cars you’d really love to pursue. Before contacting the car seller for an appointment and test drive, make sure you go on Redbook.com.au for estimated market value information of the cars you’re looking at!

4. Ready, set, GO!

Car searching takes a lot more effort than it looks. You would probably be influenced by emotion and aspirations. Change your mindset to be from “dream car” to “reliable car”! Instead of dreaming of buying a 2001 BMW 320ci, dream about buying a 1998 Toyota Camry to start off with. It’s best to look at all reliable make and models.

Online sites such as carsales.com.au, gumtree.com.au and drive.com.au are perfect places to start looking for cars.

After using step 1, 2 and 3 to gather information about the cars, google specific make and model car forums, call the seller, take your friends and family with you for a test drive and get the car checked out by a mechanic to asses if the car is worth buying!

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Be informed and take it easy

Getting your first car is a big investment. The worst thing that could happen would be to choose a ‘lemon’ that you’re trapped with. The steps above should educate you to make the decision you’re willing to accept. You may have to start with a second-hand ‘A to B’ car but that does not mean you won’t be able to buy your dream supercar in the future!

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