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Support your business by hiring an apprentice

The Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service is releasing a new campaign highlighting their resources to employers, and inspiring Australian business owners to consider hiring an apprentice or trainee.

The campaign, ‘Support your business by hiring an apprentice’, will include a suite of materials showcasing the benefits of hiring an Australian Apprentice.

“The future of the Australian skilled trades looks bright,” Dr Peta Skujins, AATIS Director said. “We know that the workforce is there, and it is crucial that Australian businesses get on board to support the future workforce.”

Statistics released as part of the campaign show that over 55% of apprentices and trainees remain employed with their employee post apprenticeship, and almost 90% stay in the industry.

There are also many financial incentives available across the country, which vary state to state. The incentives offset the cost of employing an apprentice.  

“Investing in an apprentice is also investing in your business,” Peta said.

“When you take on an Australian Apprentice you have the advantage of training them to work in your business with the skills and processes you require them to know.

“They bring in new energy, new skills and tend to be more invested in your business outcomes.”

AATIS are a Federally funded organisation that provides free information and resources for people considering career options, employers looking at recruitment and those providing support and advice.

For more information about hiring an apprentice, you can contact them on phone via 1800 388 022 or via their website www.aapathways.com.au/employers.

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