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PRIME Project - Partnership Grant

The team at Integrated Information Service (IIS) looks forward to partnering with the National Australian Apprenticeships Association (NAAA) and Esher House to develop and deliver the PRIME project under the NCI Partnership Grant initiative.

IIS operates the Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeship Information Service (AATIS) which includes the popular Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website. This pilot project will establish a resource that will provide a valuable perspective on career pathway choices for individuals, and will help influencers engage in career conversations.

PRIME has five elements:

• Potential capabilities- an assessment of a student’s suitability for different vocations based on job clusters and the vocational pathways that are of interest.
• Realistic motivations – an intrinsic attitudinal assessment that predicts a student’s ability to complete their chosen apprenticeship or traineeship.
• Informed by recent local apprenticeship and traineeship commencement data plus the vacancies currently available.
• Matched and supported by the local Gateway service of their Apprenticeship Network Provider.
• Engaging the advisers and influencers who know the student best.

“The PRIME project takes the novel approach of building the tools and evidence base to answer key career guidance questions, both early on when the student is discovering their potential options and later when they are making their decision about what to do next” said Ben Bardon, CEO of NAAA.

“It takes the tools used in the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) Gateway service, refines and deploys them in the school context. It also provides continuity of careers advice post school and has the potential to link into the job matching and placement support components of the AASN Targeted Services” said Dr Darren Coppin, CEO of Esher House.

“The AATIS pathways data set will be mapped to the job clusters and other similar categorisations. This will inform the design of the “potential capabilities” assessment building on the tools and tests IIS has developed for the AATIS project over the last 15 years” said Peta Skujins, AATIS Director.

See the full National Australian Apprenticeships Association (NAAA) press release.