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Literacy & Numeracy Quizzes

Literacy and numeracy skills are important for apprentices and trainees, both in their workplace and off-the-job training. It can be difficult understanding the skills level needed before starting an Australian Apprenticeship, or knowing how these skills relate to the industry of interest.

The Practice Aptitude Quizzes show some of the key learning standards needed by someone starting an Australian Apprenticeships entry-level qualification in a specific industry. The quizzes focus on literacy and numeracy questions, using examples related to the industry.

The quizzes can be used by organisations and career practitioners working with students or job hunters to: assist
in discussions about the requirements of an Australian Apprenticeship; provide guidance on the level of study
involved; or to demonstrate how literacy and numeracy relate to the industry.

The PDF quizzes can be printed or completed on a computer or tablet.

The new Literacy & Numeracy Quizzes complement the Practice Aptitude Quizzes in an interactive online manner.

Users receive 10 questions (5 literacy and 5 numeracy) that are either multiple choice or free-text responses. Quizzes are scored online, with users receiving corrections to any incorrect responses, and next steps information customised for their result.

The Literacy & Numeracy Quizzes can be used by students and job seekers to self-assess their skills and determine their next steps. Users can email their results to themselves or someone else, or download a pdf of next steps information.