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James followed the steps to success in finding an apprenticeship

Trying to land yourself an apprenticeship or traineeship can sometimes be a daunting task that requires a lot of work, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

The process of landing an apprenticeship or traineeship can be broken down into a few steps: research, preparation, job hunting and signing up.

This is exactly what James did before taking on a Certificate 3 in Electronics and Communications alongside his apprenticeship at a reputable electronics manufacturer.

James electronic and electrical apprentice talking with equipment behind him

James hadn’t figured out exactly what he wanted to do for work yet, but he knew he had an interest in technology.

After attending the Holden Jobs Fair in 2017 and speaking to some industry insiders, he decided to do some more research.

“I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, so I spoke to them about my options and electronics came up,” he explains.

“I spent the next year or two just sifting through my options, and decided electronics was where I wanted to go with it.”

After thinking about it for some time and landing on his dream career, James knew he had to go out and make things happen.

A job opening presented itself on online and James made the most of it. After discussing his options with industry experts at the Adelaide Job Expo he decided to get to work.

This led to him signing up with group training organisation (GTO) AiGroup, and before long he was taking his first steps in the electronics industry.

“I spoke to someone at the Adelaide Job Expo and he explained how I’d get into it (electonics)” James explains.

“Then a job opening came up on Seek.com, so I applied and I got the call!”

By doing plenty of research and preparation, lots of job hunting and finally signing up with a GTO, James had been able to set himself up with a great job in a booming industry.

James electronic and electrical apprentice showing the tools needed for his work

He has some sound words of advice for anybody else who might feel a bit lost when search for a job.

“Just go to every event you can, like Job Expos or even online…anything like that where you might just get a small insight into something. There are always people you can talk to,” he offers.

“It’s just getting your foot in the door.”

Learn more about James’ pathway to electronics by visiting the MyGain Youtube channel.