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Introducing AAPathways webinar Q&A

Thank you for attending one of our Welcome to AAPathways webinars. We have compiled the questions and answers from the webinars for your interest. Additionally, we have included questions from the first of our surveys, and from phone calls and contact us emails since the website launch.

The webinar sessions were aimed at professionals working in the Australian Apprenticeships or related areas. For others that tuned in, if there is any further information you would like specific to your Australian Apprenticeship needs please give us a call on 1800 338 022 and we will help you out.

Q: Where are the Field Officer Briefs found on the new website?

A: The Field Officer Briefs are very popular with our ‘Industry Insiders’, and can be found on the landing page for this group. They are also under the ‘Industry Insider Information & Resources’ menu item. Links to the Field Officer Briefs are also on the Job & Training Descriptions.

Q: Is the general career quiz still on the site?

A: Yes, the Career Interest Explorer is now under the ‘Work Type Explorer’ menu item. This can be accessed on the home page in the quick links, or through the ‘Start a Career Through an Australian Apprenticeship’ menu item.

The Career Interest Explorer asks people to rate their interest in tasks across seven work types, and then rates their overall interest in this work type. The results are displayed in order of interest. From the results page, you can explore the Job & Training Descriptions or the Industry Information that relate to this work type.

We also have the Practice Aptitude Quizzes that are specific to industries, that illustrate the level of literacy and numeracy required to undertake an Australian Apprenticeship in that area. These can be found under the ‘Industry Insiders Information & Resources’ menu, then ‘Practice Aptitude Quizzes & Resources’.

Q: I would like to see the site have a link for people with a disability in the areas of additional subsidies available for employers and additional support for employers.

A: There is some information regarding additional subsidies in the Employer Incentives information. We recommend that anyone looking for specific information use the ‘Site Search’ feature on the website. At this stage information on the website has focused on Australian Apprenticeships, and as such does not provide information on general employment or education. However, further information may be developed for specific groups of people in our ongoing content development and refinement.

Q: I would like to know if there is also a mobile app available or planned to develop?

A: We do have a mobile app! The AusAppPathways mobile app is a slimmed down version of the website, where you can find the Job & Training Descriptions and some other Australian Apprenticeships information. The app does not contain the full website information. To find the app head to www.ausapp.com.au, or take a look in your app store.

We have specifically designed the new website with mobile devices in mind, so please take a look at the AAPathways website on your phone or tablet! It should be just as easy to navigate on your phone as your desktop computer. Since the new website launch we have seen a high percentage of our users coming through on mobile devices.

Q: Are there particular cookie requirements for it to remember that we need to set up to be allowed with our IT department?

A: It is best to talk with your IT department about this. Cookies are used to store information about your persona and state selections on the website, so if cookies aren’t enabled you may find you need to reselect these each time you enter the website.

Q: Will there be a recording of this webinar for me to look at again later?

A: Yes, we have provided a link to all webinar attendees. Please note that this may not be the same webinar you attended, but all of the sessions covered the same content.

Q: I am very keen to support SBATs and hope that more resources will be put into raising the profile of this option for VCAL students.

A: Australian School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships are an important part of the education and schooling sectors. We love to hear good-news stories about school-based apprenticeships and traineeships, and some of these can be found at mygain.com.au.

We have some specific information for Australian School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships in both the Job & Training Descriptions search (use the Australian School-based Apprenticeships) feature; and under the ‘About Australian Apprenticeships’ menu, take a look at ‘Australian School-based Apprenticeships’.

We will continue to provide information for students wanting to undertake an Australian School-based Apprenticeship, and for the school staff and parents working with students in this area. Take a look at our Service Provider Search feature to find contact details of Apprenticeship Support Network providers and Group Training Organisations that may be able to support you with Australian School-based Apprenticeships.