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How can I bring sustainability into my workplace – even when working from?

Like many of us Laura Schweizer, AATIS Research and Marketing Assistant, always had an interest in sustainability – so during her last year at university she undertook some more research on the topic and ended up completing her thesis on sustainability in small companies.

Over the last few month, Laura has been working with the team at AATIS to produce and implement a sustainability statement. In our latest epsiode of MyGain with AATIS, Laura shares some tipes on how you can also get started. 


“I conducted a sustainability review and had a look at what we were already doing and to implement some processes to see if we could be doing anything better,” she said.

Since AATIS brought in our sustainability plan, quite a bit has changed. Primarily, the shift of many Australians to work from home arrangements. However, according to Laura, now is still the perfect time to jump on board with sustainable practices.

“In general, it’s always good with reading sources and get some inspiration from the internet,” she said. “If you’re in you home, just start somewhere. Go into one room and see what you can do better.”

Last month, Laura also wrote a blog post, Sustainability in the home office – how to get the most out of it, sharing some tips to get you started on your sustainability journey. To help get you started, we’ve also put together a week long challenge and we want you to share your journey – both the things you are doing right and the challenges you are facing.

Sustainability challenge tracker

You can download the challenge tracker here, and share your progress using #aatisathome for your chance to win a set of MyGain headphones.