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Fair Work Ombudsman - Online Learning Centre

What is the Online Learning Center?

What is the Online Learning Center?

Fair Work Australia has developed training courses for employers and employees to better understand workplace best practice.

The courses are interactive with a step by step process supported with resources, links and frequently asked questions. There are case studies, quizzes and guides within each course.

Please note:
You do not need an account to access these services and can continue as a guest, however it is recommended that you create an account as it saves your progress and completions.

Fair Work Online Learning Centre

What courses does the learning center have?


  • Record-keeping and pay slips
  • Managing employees
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Diversity and discrimination
  • Managing performance
  • Hiring employees
  • Difficult conversations in the workplace - manager course


  • Starting a new job
  • Difficult converations in the workplace - employee course

Need More Help?

An Apprenticeship or Traineeship employer managing and guiding an apprentice or trainnee in the workplace.

Managing an Australian Apprentice

Guide, links and resources on how to manage your employee effectively

Apprentice or Trainee placing money in pocket after getting paid from doing an Apprenticeship or Traineeship

Wages Information

More links and resources to wages, government assitance and incentives & allowances