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Chief Economist Appointed as the New Interim National Skills Commissioner

(Image Source: Training Service NSW)

About the appointment

Former Chief Economist of the Business Council of Australia, Adam Boyton, has been appointed as the new interim National Skills Commissioner. He has over 20 years of experience as a policy advisor and economist.

He started his career at the Federal Treasury and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, before joining Deutsche Bank as the Managing Director in 2000.

Adam is a familiar figure in the opinion pages of the Australian Financial Review and is a regular contributor to the economic and public policy debate in Australia.

He has been a member of the NSW Skills Board since 2013 and has been closely involved in the development of pricing, funding and costing models, and in the continuous review and assessment of VET in NSW.

Public reception

Senator Michaelia Cash said Mr Boyton will play a critical role in the overhaul of the VET system. “With years of industry experience, Mr Boyton will ensure the design of the National Skills Commission is fit for purpose for our current and future skills needs,” Minister Cash said.

Twitter was abuzz with congratulatory messages and tweets congratulating Mr. Boyton.

What next?

Mr. Boyton is said to lead critical technical work to establish a robust evidence base to strengthen the Australian education and training system, including the future role for the National Skills Commission.

Through engaging with stakeholders across government and industry, he will be developing advice on options for an efficient pricing model and forecasting labour market demand for skills.