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Industry Spotlight Series

To celebrate and raise awareness of the National Careers Week initiative (16-22 May), AATIS has produced several videos with key participants of their respective industries. The videos focus on all things relative to careers and career development and our guest speakers provide useful information on how to use skills and knowledge to plan and make decisions about education, training and work.

We will be releasing five in-depth interviews throughout National Careers Week, so stay tuned for updates across our social media channels!

1. Digital & Technology

We were lucky enough to have an in-depth conversation with TAFE NSW Teacher of Digital Media and Gaming, David Bortolo.

David gave us a great insight into the gaming industry, and the opportunities that are out there for job hunters. We also spoke about the future of the industry, and the emerging technologies that could take the gaming world by storm.

We'd like to thank David for joining us, and hope that you find this discussion as insightful as we did.

2. Transport & Logistics

In the second installment of the series, we have a fascinating discussion about transport and logistics with My Freight Career Founder and Director, Joe Meli.

Joe's experience in the transport and logistics industry has taken him all over the world, and his passion for quality training is infectious.

Join us as we chat about the importance of high quality career pathways and development, and the opportunities within the industry.

3. Building & Construction

In the third installment, we speak to Jody McGann about the building and construction industry.

Jody is the General Manager of Education and Apprenticeships at Master Builders Association of NSW, and we were fortunate enough to have a lengthy discussion about training, apprenticeships and career development.

We cover a range of topics, from traditional career pathways to emerging technologies and skills within the building and construction.

4. Beauty Services

In part 4, we were lucky enough to spend some time with CEO of Australian Capital Training Institute (ACTI), Borka Buseska.

ACTI delivers cutting edge, modern training courses in beauty therapy, business management, and dermal science.

We had a lengthy chat about career pathways and development, as well as the importance of beauty services. As Borka says, it is the industry of making people feel great!

5. Agriculture, Animals & Conservation

In the final part of the AATIS Industry Spotlight Series, we discuss the world of agriculture, animals and conservation.

We are joined by Rod Morris from the Queensland Farmers' Federation. Rod is the VET Industry Skills Adviser (Primary Industries) to the Queensland Government, and has a lifetime of experience in agriculture.

We chat about the ever evolving world of farming, as well as career pathways and opportunities in the industry.