Right now, almost 300,000 Australian’s are working towards their Australian Apprenticeship. Thousands more have completed their training and are working in the industries they trained for, with hundreds of workplaces hiring apprentices to make up their current and future workforces.

These apprenticeships range from construction, beauty, hospitality, business and everything in between. We are also keen to promote diversity across Australian Apprenticeships, including Indigenous Australians, women in trades, and people with a disability through our video series and podcast.

MyGain by AATIS captures a moment in the life of these individuals, and the people that employ them, giving users an insight into their careers.


Stories from apprentices, trainees, employers and industry leaders about Australian Apprenticeships and the future of our industry through the MyGain Podcast.


Explore the many occupational videos relating to Australian Apprenticeships through the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways YouTube channel.


Working With Us

We partner with industry groups to source apprentices, trainees and employers for the MyGain videos and podcast. Our videos and podcast are free, and we can adapt the content to suits the needs of each organisation.

What you'll get:

  • Your logo on the video or spoken thanks to the organisation in the podcast
  • The unedited video footage or podcast audio
  • Photographs from the day
  • A mention on our social media pages

What we need:

  • Approval from all parties
  • Logos and organisation style guides
  • 'Talent' to be co-ordinated
  • It is preferable that a representative from the organisation attends on the day of recording.

Target Industries

We are currently looking to film videos in specific industries:

Retail, sales, hair and beauty
Transport and logistics
Engineering and manufacturing
Government, schools, and security
Travel and tourism
Food and wine
Laboratory operations
Agriculture, and animal care and management
Property services

Contact us

If you're interested in learning more about MyGain, or working with us please email or send us a message on facebook