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Information and resources to assist careers advisers in their discussions with students and job hunters about apprenticeships and traineeships including the Schools Guide to Australian Apprenticeships.

Australian Apprenticeships are a viable pathway into the workforce used by many school leavers and adults. They can also be used to upskill in an industry, or reskill into a new industry.

This page has information for career advisers who are assisting students and clients explore career pathways. We answer apprenticeship and traineeship questions and give an overview of how Australian Apprenticeships work. Learn how to help people identify job pathways that suit them and take the next steps to get an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Australian Apprenticeships Schools Guide

Australian Apprenticeships Schools Guide

The Australian Apprenticeships Schools Guide covers the key apprenticeships and traineeships information you need to support your students, and explains how to use the free resources that are available on the AAPathways website.

If you are new to Australian Apprenticeships, we recommend you get started by downloading a copy.

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Introduction to Australian Apprenticeships

Introduction to Australian Apprenticeships

Find out about Australian Apprenticeships. Here we dig into the basics about who can commence an apprenticeship or traineeship, the benefits and the steps to an Australian Apprenticeship. Learn more about school-based apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships and the benefits of each.

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Resources for Career Advisers

Resources for Career Advisers

Learn about the Australian Apprenticeship sector with the Who Is Involved and Australian Apprenticeships and VET Landscape flowcharts. Find out more about how AATIS can support your information needs, and stay up to date with our blog and newsletters.

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Connecting with employers

An important step in starting a career through an Australian Apprenticeship is sourcing an opportunity with an employer. This is essential as apprenticeships and traineeships require both educational and on-the-job work experience.

Career advisers play an important role connecting prospective apprentices with potential employers. Students may often seek out their career advisers not only as a source of information, but also to leverage networks to help land a job opportunity in their desired field.

To do this, it is important for career advisers to maintain a strong network with local and diverse employers to help promote apprenticeships and traineeships as a viable career path. A strong network helps apprentices to gain access to potential employers and future career or work experience opportunities.

Some simple ways career advisers can create and maintain connections with employers are:

  • Engaging with local and national industry events
  • Attending webinars that target employers and following up with other attendees
  • Using the school community to connect with local employers
  • Linking their school with local employers for work experience
  • Connecting with Group Training Organisations (GTOs) or Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) providers

We advise all career advisers to be clear on what they need from employers before connecting with them at events or within the local community. This helps to cement valuable connections and fast-track mutually beneficial employment opportunities. If an individual employer is unable to help directly, we also recommend pursuing any connections they may have who may be a better fit for your potential apprentice or trainee.

Connecting with GTOs and AASNs is an important step in providing Australian Apprenticeships information and opportunities to your students. They can help with careers events at the school and will have live vacancies your students can access. If you have not already connected with your local providers, you should get in touch to ask how they can support you.

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Online Resources to Use With Students

Online Resources to Use With Students

Use these online resources with career researchers and job hunters. They will help users decide on the right work type to suit their interests, explore roles that can be done as an Australian Apprenticeships, and learn how to apply for a position.

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Downloadable Resources to Use With Students

Downloadable Resources to Use With Students

There are a number of Downloadable Resources that you can use as handouts with students and their parents and other influencers. Many of these resources can be customised with your organisation's logo and call to action.

The Practice Aptitude Quizzes are a popular long-form pdf of the Literacy and Numeracy Quizzes.

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Listen to Australian Apprentices tell their stories on the MyGain YouTube channel and listen to key apprenticeship trends and apprenticeship stories on the MyGain Podcast.

Research & Data

Our research into key topics related to the Australian Apprenticeships industry. This includes areas such as how people use careers information, their understanding of the future of work and trends.

Information Sessions & Webinars

Our information sessions are designed for people working within the sector to be able to use AATIS resources to aid career conversations with students and job hunters.