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Information and resources to assist careers advisers in their discussions with students and job hunters about apprenticeships and traineeships including the Schools Guide to Australian Apprenticeships.

Australian Apprenticeships are a viable pathway into the workforce used by many school leavers and adults. They can also be used to upskill in an industry, or reskill into a new industry.

This page has information for career advisers who are assisting students and clients explore career pathways. We answer apprenticeship and traineeship questions and give an overview of how Australian Apprenticeships work. Learn how to help people identify job pathways that suit them and take the next steps to get an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Schools Guide to Australian Apprenticeships

Schools Guide to Australian Apprenticeships

The Schools Guide to Apprenticeships covers the key Australian Apprenticeships information you need to support your students, and explains how to use the free resources that are available on the AAPathways website.

If you are new to Australian Apprenticeships, we recommend you get started by downloading a copy using the links below.

Download a Copy of the Schools Guide

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Webinar: Introducing the Schools Guide

If you're looking to provide information on Australian Apprenticeships, this toolkit is made for you. We will take you through how to use our new Schools Guide with your audience to educate, inform and guide them towards an apprenticeship pathway.

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Introduction to Australian Apprenticeships

Introduction to Australian Apprenticeships

Find out about Australian Apprenticeships. Here we dig into the basics about who can commence an apprenticeship or traineeship, the benefits and the steps to an Australian Apprenticeship. Learn more about school-based apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships and the benefits of each.

Steps to an Australian Apprenticeship

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Resources for Career Advisers

Resources for Career Advisers

Learn about the Australian Apprenticeship sector with the VET and Australian Apprenticeships landscape flowchart. This resource helps to define the key organisations in the industry, and what supports are available to apprentices and trainees. You also have access to downloadable resources for career researchers , Job and Training Descriptions, Job Pathways Charts, Literacy and Numeracy Quizzes and customisable resources.

Downloadable Resources

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Career Research & Job Hunting Resources

Career Research & Job Hunting Resources

Find a range of resources for career researchers and job hunters. Use the Career Interest Explorer to discover your work type. Delve further into the related occupations using the Work Type Explorer and industry breakdowns.

The next step after deciding on a work type and industry is to start looking for jobs. Direct students to the Job Search Sites page to look for open positions and also utilise our free Resume and Cover Letter templates to help them find the ideal position.

Career Research & Resources

Other Services

Information Sessions & Webinars

Our information sessions are designed for people working within the sector to be able to use AATIS resources to aid career conversations with students and job hunters.

Research & Data

Our research into key topics related to the Australian Apprenticeships industry. This includes areas such as how people use careers information, their understanding of the future of work and trends.

AusAppPathways Mobile Application

The AusAppPathways mobile app is used by career researchers to browse industries and occupations that they’re interested in. The app is available on both the Play store and the App store.


Listen to Australian Apprentices tell their stories on the MyGain YouTube channel and listen to key apprenticeship trends and apprenticeship stories on the MyGain Podcast.

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Questions for Career Conversations

What are apprenticeships and traineeships?

Australian Apprenticeships include apprenticeships and traineeships. These are a combination of paid employment and study towards a vocational qualification. They can be done post-school or as an Australian School-based Apprenticeship.

All apprentices and trainees must find an employer willing to take them into an Australian Apprenticeship, and therefore must be legally allowed to work in Australia. All Australian Apprentices must be signed up under a contract of training by an Apprenticeship Network provider.

What are pre-apprenticeships?

pre-apprenticeship is an entry level course that provides a path into an apprenticeship or traineeship. They are not a requirement of an apprenticeship or traineeship, but some employers do prefer hiring people who have done one.

Pre-apprenticeships can give you a good indication of whether you are suited to a particular industry. They will also give you some basic skills for when you start a role in that industry.

You can search for pre-apprenticeships by industry group and location.

What can be done as an apprenticeship or traineeship?

Australian Apprenticeships cover 50 industries and thousands of occupations. Industries range from Construction, Plumbing and Services through to Business Services, and occupations from Hairdressers and Electricians to Dog Groomers and Surveillance Investigators. There is a huge range of work types that can be done across these industries and occupations.

Apprenticeships and traineeships can be done from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma level. Certificate III's are the most common qualifications for apprenticeships and traineeships. You can explore the range of Australian Apprenticeships by industry, occupation title and certificate level through the Job Pathways Charts.

What is involved in an Australian Apprenticeship?

Australian Apprentices and Trainees undertake a combination of on-the-job training through their employment and off-the-job training at a Registered Training Organisation, such as a TAFE or private provider.

On completion, Australian Apprentices are awarded a formal qualification at a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level by their Registered Training Organisation. This can lead into higher level qualifications including university studies, and may count towards eligibility criteria. Trade qualifications may also lead to trade papers and licences in some areas.

Australian School-based Apprenticeships may count towards the student's high school certificate of education.

During their training apprentices and trainees gain between 12 months and 4 years of employment experience. This training relates directly to the development of skills needed in the workplace. Apprentice and trainee graduates have the highest rates of employment of any education graduates, including university!

What training is involved in an Australian Apprenticeship?

All apprenticeships and traineeships involve studying towards a vocational education and training qualification. The training varies depending on the qualification, location, and the arrangement between the employer and training provider. Some apprentices and trainees may do some study online, while others will be classroom based.

The employer will also train the apprentice or trainee on the job. This is an important part of any Australian Apprenticeship, to develop the work skills needed for that job.

How do you find an Australian Apprenticeship job?

An employment opportunity is core to an Australian Apprenticeship. This means that anyone wanting to start an apprenticeship or traineeship must first find an employer.

Job hunting for an apprenticeship or traineeship job is similar to finding any other type of entry level position. Job ads are one way to find a position, but contacting employers directly is also a great way to find positions. Group Training Organisations, who hire apprentices and trainees and host them to employers, are also a good way to find a position.

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