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Youth Engagement Summit YES18

Every year billions of dollars are spent targeting the youth market with the intention of helping them gain employment, education or encouraging them to use a product/service.

However, as per the finding of our independent report, After The ATAR (2017), the truth of the matter is 74% of the youth market do not believe that brands engage with them effectively.

This year our Youth Engagement Summit gives Australian enterprises the practical tools needed to implement and execute effective youth engagement strategies

YES18 takes a closer look at the natural tendencies of the youth market and the practical steps that enterprises can take to nurture relationships and create more influential connections.

The YES events have been renowned in previous years as “The most authentic wrap up of where young people are at, and how to engage them, that I’ve ever been to” and YES18 promises to be no different.

Expert presentations from Year13 alongside industry leaders covering topics such as:

  • Understanding the psyche of youth
  • Engineering youthful brand alignment
  • The newest and best social media practices
  • How to build meaningful relationships with youth
  • Exclusive access to Year13’s “After The ATAR II”
  • Exclusive first data and insights
  • The use of technology to nurture youth

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