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ACPET Canberra 2018 National Conference & APIEF

Education is one of Australia’s largest industries. It is our largest service export industry, and 3rd largest overall. Australia is the world’s third most popular location for students (behind the US and UK). The contribution that the private tertiary sector, and in particular ACPET’s members, cannot be understated. Domestically private providers deliver the majority of VET, and a growing proportion of higher education.

This year’s events provide an opportunity to keep abreast of the very latest issues and topics and what they mean for the sector, students and industry stakeholders. The program speakers are leading decision makers and policymakers, respected observers, and skilled practitioners at the top of their game.

Attendees will also have the chance to interact with other delegates over the three days, who will include key leaders and influencers across the diverse sector.

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