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Career Advisers


A 'Hub' of information

How can Career Advisers support students and job hunters to progress their careers through an apprenticeship or traineeship?

Here is a range of information and resources for Career Advisers as they assist students and job hunters to identify relevant job pathways linked to their interests, to take the next steps, and to access ongoing support.

Some resources are designed to be used independently so that some students and job hunters will be able to start a conversation with a Career Adviser with the focus of specific information and ideas.

Quick links to some essential resources

Six common questions for Career Conversations

1. Do students know what an apprenticeship or traineeship is?

Go to Australian Apprenticeships to find background information and answers to common questions.

2. Are students unsure about the jobs that may suit them?

The Work Type Explorer provides a broad search pathway based on interest in the seven common work types. The Career Interest Explorer provides a Q & A approach to testing a student’s strength of interest.

3. Do students have a general interest in a sector but need more information about related apprenticeship and traineeship occupations?

Searching for Job & Training Descriptions will provide students with ideas about occupations and the underpinning training. 

4. Are students aware of the training involved in taking on an Australian Apprenticeship?

Practice Aptitude Quizzes are based on the literacy and numeracy levels generally required to cope with entry level training.  They are illustrative of the qualification, not a tool for assessing an individual’s literacy and numeracy levels.

5. Are students aware of options that can help prepare them for an apprenticeship or traineeship?

Search for Pre-apprenticeships by industry group and location.

6. Do students need to develop their job hunting skills?

The Job Hunting page gathers together job hunting tips and a list of job sites.

Events, Awards and Initiatives

Australian Training Awards

Real stories and real achievements in skills and training including stories of outstanding Australian Apprentices can be found on the Australian Training Awards website.

Australian Apprenticeship Ambassadors

An Australian Apprenticeship for many, has been the passport to a better job, a higher pay packet and a more rewarding working life. Read their inspiring stories here.

National Skills Week

National Skills Week is the focal point for the promotion of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training sector (VET). Each year the week continues to celebrate and inform students and the public.


WorldSkills Australia's purpose is to promote and build a skills culture by inspiring young people, celebrating skills excellence & providing them with an opportunity to showcase their trade & skill.


Searchable Lists of Resources

Careers Sites and Services

AATIS has gathered resources, put them into broad category groupings, and loaded them into a searchable database.  

Job Hunting Sites 

A range of links to job sites.

Service Provider Search

Search for Apprenticeship Network providers and Group Training Organisations.

Key Student Resources


Download an app version of the key search areas of this Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website.  A good way for young people to explore career ideas on their mobile phones. 

Youth Central

Youth Central is the Victorian Government's website for young people aged 12-25, filled to overflowing with great information about life from every angle.

My Skills

Search for qualifications, and training providers delivering them as courses.

Year 13

This site provides information on post school options in apprenticeships, gap years, travel, study and all that's in between!

Careers Associations, Reports & Reviews

Career Industry Council of Australia

CICA is the national peak body for the Career Industry in Australia. It is a focal point for government and other stakeholders concerned for and interested in promoting quality career development services in Australia. 

Career Development Association of Australia

The CDAA is Australia’s largest and only cross-sectoral community of career development practitioners, with members in every state and territory and across all sectors of the profession.

Research and Reference

Read reviews and research reports, and access links to sources of data.

Australian Blueprint for Career Development

The Australian Blueprint for Career Development is a framework for designing, implementing and evaluating career development programs for young people and adults. At its core, the Blueprint identifies the skills, attitudes and knowledge that individuals need to make sound choices and to effectively manage their careers.


Check out the latest news, events and activities about Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships


Career Industry National Associations

Go to Career Industry Council of Australia website

Career Industry State and Territory Associations

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