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Racing and Breeding


The Racing industry covers the operation, regulation and administration of throughbred, harness and greyhound racing.

The industry has two sectors:

Racing Performance Services covers the care and training of racing greyhounds and horses as well riding or driving in races, including roles such as: stablehands, kennelhands, trackwork drivers or riders, harness drivers, jockeys, racing greyhounds, and racehorse trainers.

Racing Operations Services covers the regulatory, administrative, and track and race meeting operational sectors of racing, including: racing administration, stipendiary stewards, track maintenance, and race day operations.

Recent employment of apprentices and trainees in the Racing Iindustry have been centred in NSW and Victoria, primarily as stablehands, jockeys and track riders.

What does this industry cover?

  • Racing authority operation
  • Racetrack and race club operation
  • Thoroughbred and greyhound training
  • Thoroughbred and greyhound ownership

Industry Information

Some Racing Industry workers are employed by enterprises with a workorce of about 31,800 in 2013.

The majority of people involved in the industry are self-employed, part-time, transient or hobbyists. 

Traineeship and apprenticeship commencements in this industry are low.

Employment and wage data for this industry

Apprenticeships Employment Size

This is a small industry for Australian Apprenticeship commencements. In the year to September 2018, commencements were: 243

Source: VOCSTATS, extracted on 28/03/2019AATIS analysis.

Commencements Change

Commencements in the year to September 2018 in this industry have increased, compared with the previous year.

Source: VOCSTATS, extracted on 28/03/2019AATIS analysis.

Apprentice Employment Outcomes

For Australian Apprentice graduates from this industry, employment outcomes are high.

Source: NCVER National Student Outcomes Survey, 2017, unpublished. AATIS analysis.

Industry Employment Size

This is a small to medium sized industry compared with other Australian industries.

Source: Department of Jobs and Small Business, 2018. AATIS analysis.

Industry Employment Change

Over the past 5 years, change in employment in this industry has increased.

Source: Department of Jobs and Small Business, 2018. AATIS analysis.

Industry Wage

The average wage of all employees in this industry is low to medium.

Source: Department of Jobs and Small Business, 2018. AATIS analysis.

Key Occupations




This industry is positioned in the following groups


Gardening, Farming, Animals & Environment

Work Types

Nature & Recreation

Practical & Manual

Ready to see where the Racing industry can take you?

Career Pathways

The Racing Industry has career pathways from Certificate II through to Diploma. Look at the Job Pathway Chart to see what is of interest.

Job Pathway Chart

MyGain - YouTube Channel

Watch videos on apprentices in various industries and their rewarding experiences doing an apprenticeship.


Support Services

Further Research


Industry information is published by peak level associations, government and major employers.  Accessing industry association sites, including member lists, is a good way of building up an understanding of an industry.  Visiting employer websites and looking for careers or employment menus helps identify how employers recruit and the skills they are recruiting.

Use Google to search for the associations and organisations listed below.


  • Skills Impact
  • Australian Veterinary Association
  • Rural Skills
  • Greyhounds Australasia
  • Harness Racing Australia
  • Racing Australia
  • Racing Victoria
  • Racing Queensland
  • Racing and Wagering WA
  • Australian Trainers Association

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