Property Services

The Property Services industry includes a variety of sectors which deliver services in sale, management, maintenance, design and compliance assessment, cleaning and waste and security in the built, pre and post build environment.

With the increase of urbanisation, sustainability, regulation and consumer demand there is a need for those working in this industry to be multi-skilled.

What does this industry cover?

  • Real Estate Services, Strata Management and Facility Management
  • Architectural Services
  • Engineering and Technical Services
  • Waste Collection, Treatment, and Disposal Services
  • Building Cleaning Services
  • Pest Control Services
  • Security Services
  • Fire Protection and Fire Safety Services
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Servicing

Job hunting information

Employers look for those that have the following skills: adaptability, communication and people skills, digital literacy, detail orientated and a good work ethic.

Occupations in this sector that are projected to have the highest growth are in architectural, engineering and technical services.

Businesses in the Property Services industry are predominately small to medium size.

There are product regulations and states and territories have specific licensing requirements for some of the sectors in the Property Services industry.

Information for further research

Industry information is published by peak level associations, government and major employers.  Accessing industry association sites, including member lists, is a good way of building up an understanding of an industry.  Visiting employer websites and looking for careers or employment menus helps identify how employers recruit and the skills they are recruiting.

Employment and wage data for this industry

Apprenticeships Employment Size

This is a medium to large industry for Australian Apprenticeship commencements. In the year to September 2022, commencements were: 7752

Source: VOCSTATS, extracted on 11/4/2023AATIS analysis.

Commencements Change

Commencements in the year to September 2022 in this industry have increased, compared with the previous year.

Source: VOCSTATS, extracted on 11/4/2023AATIS analysis.

Apprentice Employment Outcomes

For Australian Apprentice graduates from this industry, employment outcomes are high.

Source: NCVER National Student Outcomes Survey, 2020, unpublished. AATIS analysis.

Industry Employment Size

This is a large sized industry compared with other Australian industries.

Source: National Skills Commission, 2022. AATIS analysis.

Industry Employment Change

In the next 5 years, change in employment in this industry is predicted to increase.

Source: National Skills Commission, 2022. AATIS analysis.

Industry Wage

The average wage of all employees in this industry is medium.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2022. AATIS analysis.

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