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Information and Communications Technology

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry incorporates three sub-sectors: information technology, telecommunications technology, and digital media.

The information and communications technology industry is rapidly growing, with increased digitisation across the workforce. Skills in ICT are needed across most occupations and industries, and there is a real skill shortage for these skills in the ICT industry itself.

Some recent and ongoing changes in information technology include the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). Wireless communications is a fast growing area in telecommunications. Digital media includes not just apps and video games, it is relevant to areas such as medical imaging and vitrual reality applied to sectors such as education and contruction.

What does this industry cover?

  • Information Technology involves writing, modifying and testing of software and providing user support for software, hardware and cloud technologies
  • Telecommunication Technology includes sustainable networks, IP networks, optical and radio networks, mesh networks, cloud networks, information technology and digital media.
  • Digital Media includes design and production of multimedia and games for platforms including PC, console, online and mobile.

Employers range from micro-businesses to the three major telecommunications companies. Many people working in ICT roles work in diverse, non-ICT companies. Many large businesses have their own in-house ICT teams.

Job hunting information

Employers are looking for workers that have relevant ICT skills and the required licencing or certification for the role. Employers often use in-house or non-accredited training for employees to stay up to speed with the systems being used, and new technologies.

Higher Apprentice programs are currently being used by some companies to secure a supply of employees with the specialised skills and practical experience needed to meet their business needs now and into the future.

Due to the rapid changes in technology and how we communicate, you will need to have not only skills in digital technology to keep abreast of cyber security and cloud computing, you will also need technical skills, customer service and communications skills, risk management and adaptability.

Information for further research

Industry information is published by peak level associations, government and major employers. Accessing industry association sites, including member lists, is a good way of building up an understanding of an industry. Visiting employer websites and looking for careers or employment menus helps identify how employers recruit and the skills they are recruiting.

Employment and wage data for this industry

Apprenticeships Employment Size

This is a medium industry for Australian Apprenticeship commencements. In the year to September 2019, commencements were: 2093

Source: VOCSTATS, extracted on 14/04/2020AATIS analysis.

Commencements Change

Commencements in the year to September 2019 in this industry have remained stable, compared with the previous year.

Source: VOCSTATS, extracted on 14/04/2020AATIS analysis.

Apprentice Employment Outcomes

For Australian Apprentice graduates from this industry, employment outcomes are medium to high.

Source: NCVER National Student Outcomes Survey, 2017, unpublished. AATIS analysis.

Industry Employment Size

This is a medium to large sized industry compared with other Australian industries.

Source: Department of Education, Skills and EMployment, 2019. AATIS analysis.

Industry Employment Change

Over the past 5 years, change in employment in this industry has remained stable.

Source: Department of Education, Skills and Employment, 2019. AATIS analysis.

Industry Wage

The average wage of all employees in this industry is medium to high.

Source: Department of Education, Skills and Employment, 2019. AATIS analysis.

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