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Hairdressing and Beauty Services

If you love making people look and feel beautiful, a career in the hair and beauty services industry might be for you!

Hairdressers of celebrities often say the same thing when talking about how they got where they are: hard work, willing to put themselves out there, take advice, and look at hairdressing as a career and not just a job.

Working in beauty therapy offers a range of flexible options. You may work in a salon, a day spa, a clinic specialising in skin care and hair removal, or work as a makeup artist for photographic shoots or theatre and film.

What does this industry cover?

The types of services in hairdressing and beauty services industry can include:

  • hair cutting, colouring and styling
  • manicures and pedicures
  • facials
  • skin treatments
  • tanning
  • make-up application
  • cosmetic tattooing
  • hair removal
  • non-medical hair restoration techniques

This industry consists of mostly micro, small and medium sized businesses. Social media plays a very important role in the industry as a major influencer for setting trends. Many workers in this industry promote their work on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, and have online portfolios.

Job hunting information

To become a hairdresser the usual path is to complete an apprenticeship, and in most states and territories beauty therapy is available as a traineeship. Barbering is becoming a more popular course and apprenticeship.

Hairdressing employers are looking for those that can work as part of a team, willing to learn, have integrity and time management skills. You must also have good communication and customer service skills, as you will be working with people all day!

Beauty employers are looking for those that are customer focused, can work in a team, be willing to learn, have good communication and time management skills.

Many businesses in this industry won't advertise positions. Hairdressers still commonly put signs up in the window to advertise for new staff. You should contact your local hairdresser or beauty salon as some opportunites may not be formally advertised. You should also check the websites for large, hair salons and beauty therapists.

Working in this industry will give you a lifelong career, whether it would be working for someone else, running your own business or teaching others about the industry.

Information for further research

Industry information is published by peak level associations, government and major employers.  Accessing industry association sites, including member lists, is a good way of building up an understanding of an industry.  Visiting employer websites and looking for careers or employment menus helps identify how employers recruit and the skills they are recruiting.

Government Regulators

  • State and Territory Governments regulate hairdressing and beauty services

Employment and wage data for this industry

Apprenticeships Employment Size

This is a medium to large industry for Australian Apprenticeship commencements. In the year to September 2022, commencements were: 5406

Source: VOCSTATS, extracted on 11/4/2023. AATIS analysis.

Commencements Change

Commencements in the year to September 2022 in this industry have remained stable, compared with the previous year.

Source: VOCSTATS, extracted on 11/4/2023. AATIS analysis.

Apprentice Employment Outcomes

For Australian Apprentice graduates from this industry, employment outcomes are medium.

Source: NCVER National Student Outcomes Survey, 2020, unpublished. AATIS analysis.

Industry Employment Size

This is a medium to large sized industry compared with other Australian industries.

Source: National Skills Commission, 2022. AATIS analysis.

Industry Employment Change

In the next 5 years, change in employment in this industry is predicted to remain stable.

Source: National Skills Commission, 2022. AATIS analysis.

Industry Wage

The average wage of all employees in this industry is low.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2022. AATIS analysis.

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