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About the Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service

Integrated Information Service (IIS) has developed and operates the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service (AATIS). AATIS raises awareness of potential apprenticeship and traineeship pathways to students, job hunters, career advisors, employers and others working in the industry.  We provide up-to-date information and resources which are used by the networks delivering Australian Apprenticeships support services, including Apprenticeship Network providers and Group Training Organisations.

Our website, app and resources are used for career planning and direction. We are active across online and digital platforms while also providing a contact point to help people navigate through the Australian Apprenticeships system. AATIS is free to use and is funded by The Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

Our Values

The core AATIS values underpin the way we work and communicate, across platforms. These values can be seen in our everyday activities and in specific campaigns and activities.

  • Accuracy: Information and resources are correct and authoritative, up-to-date, are comprehensive, and are able to be understood by the target audience
  • Accessibility: AATIS information and resources are accessible through a variety of mechanisms that meet the needs of diverse users, and adapt to those needs
  • Diversity: Promote a diverse array of Australian Apprenticeships across eligible industries and occupations, and promote diverse participants within the Australian Apprenticeships sector
  • Sustainability: Act in a sustainable manner, promote sustainable practices to our users, and inform users about sustainability in Australian Apprenticeships
  • Responsiveness: AATIS services and resources meet the needs of the wider Australian Apprenticeships sector, and create solutions to evolving needs. AATIS contributes to developments in employment and skills training policy

AATIS comprises several elements, nationally:

  • Delivery of the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website;
  • Recording videos published on the 'MyGain' YouTube channel;
  • Recording interviews with key industry stakeholders using the MyGain podcast channel
  • Provision of the AusAppPathways mobile app;
  • Providing Australian Apprenticeships information on Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter;
  • Operating a phone & email contact point, as well as information sessions, for service providers working in the Australian Apprenticeships field;
  • Participation in Australian Apprenticeship initiatives and providing advisory services.

To contact AATIS, please visit the Contact page. 

Integrated Information Service is the trading name of Industry Training Australia P/L.