It is important you hire the right apprentice or trainee to suit your business needs and operations. You should consider how well the candidates understand the industry and occupation they are going into, and whether they are the right cultural fit for your organisation. Read on to learn more about how to find potential apprentices and trainees, including through the use of support organisations who can assist you with recruitment.

How to find potential apprentices

How to find potential apprentices

There are several ways that you can find potential apprentices or trainees that suit your business needs. You can hire someone you know, through your own usual recruitment methods such as online recruitment, or you may be able to move an existing worker into an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Other methods of finding potential candidates include:
• Through local schools offering vocational education
• TAFEs and private training organisations
• Group Training Organisations
• Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers
• Out of trade registers

How to find candidates
Trialing staff

Trialing staff

It’s possible for employers to trial an apprentice or trainee before choosing to take them on. Consider hosting school students doing work experience or pre-apprentices who are doing a work placement.

If you choose to trial an apprentice or trainee, it’s a good idea to familarise yourself with the government regulations that govern unpaid trial periods.

Work Trials
Financial information

Financial information

There are a number of financial considerations as part of every apprenticeship or traineeship. As an employer, you should consider the overall cost and return on investment of taking on an Australian Apprentice.

You should familiarise yourself with the awards, pay rates and financial incentives that apply to your apprentice or trainee. Many of these will have specific clauses about Australian Apprenticeships that you should look for.

More financial information

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Step 3: Sign Up

Step 3: Sign Up

There are legal requirements you and your apprentice or trainee must fulfill. Ensure you understand the processes, contracts and contacts you need throughout the Australian Apprenticeship.

In Step 3 you will learn more about the right sign up process and legal requirements you need to follow as an employer.

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