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Australian Apprenticeships Options

Which Australian Apprenticeship?

Which Australian Apprenticeship?

There are hundreds of apprenticeships and traineeships covering around 50 industries.

They may be completed as full-time employment, or on a part time basis including while a student is still at school.

Traineeships tend to be around 12 - 24 months in duration, while apprenticeships can run for up to three or four years.

Search for Job & Training Descriptions in specific industries, and scroll down to the 'Availability' area for details about state and territory availability.

Job & Training Descriptions

"Entry level" differs from industry to industry

Apprenticeships and traineeships aren't just available at Certificate II and III levels.  Many industries offer Australian Apprenticeship occupations that are underpinned by Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.

An example is in the Health industry where traineeships are in place at levels supporting tertiary trained professionals.  Sectors include audiometry, physiotherapy, dental technology and nursing.

The Australian Government's "Apprenticeship Training — alternative delivery pilots" are helping explore different avenues to skill development in the workplace.  One element of this initiative is piloting higher level qualification apprenticeships at the diploma or associate degree level.

An initial focus of these pilots has been the fields of business and financial services, IT and new areas of advanced manufacturing.

Job Pathway Charts provide an industry-wide view of occupations and certificate outcomes, illustrating the breadth of options employers can consider. 

Australian Apprenticeships Support

Apprenticeship Network Providers

Australian Apprenticeships offer a lot of variety for employers and they come with a range of incentives and requirements.

Each state and territory can also have different guidelines, so it's important to access the support services in place to assist employers.

A call to a local Apprenticeship Network provider is a good way to start.  They can provide answers to Australian Apprenticeships questions and help make them work for employers.

Service Providers

States & Territories

A visit to a state or territory training authority website can provide important information and contacts to local level services.

For links to a range of government websites go to 'Government Initiatives' and select a location and 'Government Incentives'.



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