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Work Type Explorer

These resources will help you identify your career interests. This is an important part of your career planning as the information can help narrow down career pathway ideas.

Career interests are different to abilities or skills. They are activities you enjoy doing or are interested in, which can then show where you could develop your skills and abilities.

These 'Explorers' are based on seven basic work types. In the Work Type Explorer you can select the work type titles that interest you, or you can test the strength of your work type interests by taking 5 - 10 minutes to respond to statements in the Career Interest Explorer.

Both search options take you to occupation or industry-based career information related to each work type.

Work Types are broad descriptions of seven kinds of work environments.  You can read more below.

These can be related to your own likes and dislikes and to your favourite activities and interests. This is one way of helping you to start to think about career directions.

Your interests can change over time, but the more you discover about a work type that interests you the better you can direct your career conversations and make informed decision about your future career options.

The 7 Work Types

Analytic & Scientific

If you like working out solutions to problems through theories and ideas, and by investigation and experimentation, then this may be a career direction to consider. Related occupations are often in the scientific and technical areas, but also some industries covering ‘social’ fields. Some of the main skills required by these industries are observing, researching, analysing and interpreting results. Australian Apprenticeships training in this area develops your thinking and planning capabilities, as well as the practical skills to carry out a plan.

Creative & Artistic

These industries could suit you if you like to express yourself and your ideas through your work, often using your imagination and flair for communication or presentation. People in this area often have an appreciation of design, style, form and beauty. Training through Australian Apprenticeships in these fields helps develop your skills and abilities to perform and produce your creative best.

Helping & Advising

Careers in this area involve informing or helping people, often through advising, teaching, guiding or treating them. These industries revolve around people so you’ll need to have an interest in their welfare, and an understanding and concern for others. Skills needed include being a good listener and communicator, the ability to provide advice, and being able to get along with people in different situations. Australian Apprenticeships training in these areas develops practical skills and also orientates people to working within a specific industry’s processes and procedures.

Practical & Manual

Industries with this outlook need people who like working a lot with tools and equipment, and their hands, to make things. Jobs can also involve installation and maintenance tasks. The work can be physical and is usually quite practical. Training through Australian Apprenticeships helps build your understanding of how things work and fit together. It will also develop your skills in using equipment to get the job done.

Nature & Recreation

If you like the natural environment and the physical world these industries could interest you. Some industries involve raising crops or livestock, gardening, land conservation, or handling animals. Others focus on the sport, recreation or leisure areas. Many occupations involve working outdoors and are active and physical. Training through Australian Apprenticeships will develop your interests and practical skills.

Organising & Clerical

In these occupations you will be gathering facts and figures, and recording and interpreting them to keep a business moving. This may be part of a customer service, or helping to administer a company’s policies, activities, reports or accounts. People in these roles enjoy working with detail and data. Being organised is an important skill that is developed by Australian Apprenticeships training along with the skills relevant to a specific occupation.

Persuading & Service

People working in these industries like selling, or promoting ideas or a point of view. Occupations usually focus on people so you need to have good communication skills, enjoy customer service and interactions involving influence, motivation or negotiation. Australian Apprenticeships training combines development of broad selling and influencing skills and the practical skills used every day in the workplace.