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Australian Apprenticeships Career Options

There are thousands of Australian apprenticeships and traineeships across hundreds of industries and sectors. You will need to know how to make your career choice.

Have you researched your options?

Before you start applying for jobs it's important to do some research into the type of work and the industries that you might be interested in.

Investigating industry based career pathways that can begin with an apprenticeship and traineeship will add to your understanding of these occupations and related qualifications.

To approach your research from a more general perspective you can identify the type of work you might enjoy the most through the Work Type Explorer.  While there you can try the Career Interest Explorer to test how strongly you are interested in the work types.  You can search through to occupations and industries related to your preferences.

Keep looking and learning

Keep looking and learning

Life changes and so will your ideas about your career and what interests you.

Based on current trends students leaving school now are expected to average 1.8 years per job early in their career and 3 years per job over their working life. This could add to 17 jobs across 5 careers.

This makes ongoing career planning essential! Always ask yourself, family, friends and career counsellors, 'what am I good at, where do my skills lie, what am I interested in?'.

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Vocational & Higher Education

Australian Apprenticeships or higher education, it doesn't have to be one or the other.  People move between these sectors, particularly those who start in the vocational sector and later in their career decide to add to their skills through a university course.

Some occupations are certainly strongly related to the completion of a university course, while others are connected to vocational training.  In some cases professional occupations can have a recognised vocational training entry point.

Australian Apprenticeships can start a career pathway starting at an entry-level qualification and going to higher levels, such as Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. At all levels they combine practical work skills as well as the training.  

This combination not only provides a wage from the start, but it can also give apprentices and trainees a solid foundation for deciding on future options, which may include studying at university.   

In some cases Australian Apprenticeship qualifications and work history can also provide supporting evidence for a future application to enter a University course, if a person wants to pursue that option.

How work ready are you?

There are lots of people in the job market jostling for the Australian Apprenticeship jobs. So, how are you going to make sure you are a stand out candidate?

An Australian Apprenticeship starts with an employer creating a job.  Employers set out the things they are looking for, such as a highest level completed at school and applicants need to meet these preferences.

A starting point is getting the most out of your secondary schooling.  All jobs require employees to read and write in some way, and many will involve maths sometimes at a fairly simple level but sometimes at an advanced level.  Practice Aptitude Quizzes can help illustrate the levels usually required in several industries.

Be Work Smart can help put you a few steps ahead when it comes to competing in the job market.

Another way of impressing potential employers is by gaining an understanding of the world of work, and possibly some key skills, by completing a pre-apprenticeship or pre-vocational course. 

Choices and decisions

Choices and decisions

Research usually uncovers a lot of information and options that needs to be considered and decisions made.

It is important to use the support available inside or outside of school to discuss your choices.

It can also be helpful to use a guide to decision making, such as the one developed by the WA government's Career Centre.

Career Planning

More career resources


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Work Type Explorer

Discover industries and occupations based on seven kinds of work environments.

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