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Find My Work Type

The Find My Work Type resources can help you identify your career interests. Your career interests are the activities that you enjoy doing or are interested in. 

Idenfitying your career interests is an important part of your career planning and can help you decide on your future career pathway. Once you understand what your career interests are, you can start exploring the industries and occupations you can do that are related to your interests.

The Career Interest Explorer is a quiz that tests the strength of your interests, and shows you which work types you prefer. This is the first stage for you to identify your career interests.

The Work Type Explorer helps you explore occupations within your selected work types. If you already know what your career interests are, you can go straight to this explorer. You can also use it after you have done the Career Interest Explorer.

Research Industries helps you learn more about industries that are related to your chosen work types. Select your work type from the category selection on the page.

Your interests can change over time, so you can redo the Career Interest Explorer at any time if you want to get new results. You can also move through the Work Type Explorer or Research Industries pages to find more information about all of the different work types.

A collection of lab equipment

Analytic & Investigative

Solve problems through observation, analysis, and critical thinking.

A business woman working with a computer.

Conventional & Organising

Use your attention to detail, work with data, and follow instructions to achieve goals.

A music mixing desk.

Creative & Artistic

Express yourself through artistic ideas, self-expression, and innovation.

Trade workers digging a road foundation.

Manual & Realistic

Work with your hands to create or fix things, working outdoors, with machines or other tools.

Someone making a payment processed on an EFTPOS machine.

Persuading & Enterprising

Influence people by persuading, leading or promoting products and ideas to them.

An elderly woman sitting comfortably on a wheelchair.

Social & Helping

Help people, often through advising, teaching, guiding, or treating them.